All Yumpu videos in one place

You can now view all our sreencasts and feature videos directly on Just click on “Videos” in our website footer or click here!


Payment-functions improved

The payment process of Yumpu has been updated. Customers are now able to freely choose their currency (CHF, USD or EURO) and the payment period (monthly, quarterly, semiannual, anual), no…

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Creating embeds through our API

Developers can now create embeds directly via code with our API, with all the known customizing options. Learn more here:


Improved image upload

With the new media box we have improved and extended the upload process for images on your WEBKiosk and in your profile settings. You can now view all your uploaded images…

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Video: Magazine privacy settings

Welcome to the Video: Magazine privacy settings Yumpu is a brilliant tool for sharing magazines. But what if, contents are intended for selected readers only? Very simple: that’s what privacy settings…

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Using the download function in embeds

AdFREE feature: You can now use the download function in your embeds. The reader is able to retrieve the original PDF file, by clicking on the download icon in the magazine.



Improved social sharing

Yumpu users now can share whole pages or cut out snippets on all their favourite social networks directly in the Yumpu player. Just click the icon on the upper right…

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Yumpu app for Android available

The powerful Yumpu app for iOS is now also available for all Android devices. Publish and sell all your magazines in your own, native iOS and android app with the…

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Download function improved

AdFREE feature: The download feature got an update. The downloaded PDF file will now be named after the magazine title. Also the download function is now working properly with all the…

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