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Smart banner app with more app downloads

Smart banner app with more app downloads

With the Smart Banner App, YUMPU Publishing offers all customers of the WEBKiosk, APPKiosk and PROKiosk plans a powerful tool that helps to achieve many more app downloads. The smart banner is then displayed to the reader when accessing the magazine with a mobile device. You reach the reader at the right time and on the right device – this is how intelligent app marketing works!

The Smart Banner App using the Bold Magazine Kiosk as an example

How does this work?

The function of the smart banner is simple and ingenious. The smart banner is a function that is displayed on the reader’s mobile device in the WEBKiosk at the top of the app’s screen and signals that it can be downloaded. If the customer now wants the app, all they have to do is click on the banner and they will be immediately forwarded to the appropriate app store, where they can download it.

Carpenters Travel Catalogs

You can reach the two most important operating systems with the Smart Banner. The banner automatically recognizes whether the reader is using a smartphone or a tablet. The customer will then be redirected to either iTunes or the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store and iTunes

The function has two other advantages. On the one hand, it is free of charge and already included automatically in the WEBKiosk and APPKiosk plan. On the other hand, you can advertise any app. It is therefore not limited to apps developed jointly with YUMPU Publishing.

How to set up the Smart Banner app

Activating the Smart Banner is very easy. You can do it in a few steps. All you have to do is select the customer area and WEBKiosk in the YUMPU Publishing Account.

Customer area selection WEBKiosk

Next to the desired WEBKiosk you will find the “Tasks” button. You just have to click on it and select the “Smart Banner”.

Smart banner selection

Now you can define the app. You have to specify the name, a description, the author, the price and the logo, as well as specify the screenshots that you want to display.

Add the properties in the Smart Banner settings

On the second tab you only have to enter the app ID for the iOS app and the Android app.

Enter ID in the Smart Banner settings

FINISHED! From now on, all mobile readers of WEBKiosk will see their own app in the upper part of the screen and will be able to download it.

Tips for more app downloads

The Smart Banner is a powerful tool for drawing the attention of readers to your own app. Once the readers have the app on their smartphone or tablet, they can be addressed in a much more targeted manner and thus increase the accuracy of the marketing measures set and increase sales.

In order to get more downloads, you can take other measures, which can help to get even more app users.

Use of the WEBKiosk with an APPKiosk link

One should take the opportunity to link the fee-based magazines in WEBKiosk and fade in pages using the “blur” function: this way one can arouse interest without making all the content available free of charge. It should be mentioned here again that creating online magazines is not that difficult and new magazines can always be added at any time.

In the magazine you can download the Smart Banner App free of charge onto your end device

Now all you have to do is advertise the WEBKiosk on YUMPU Publishing. Sales support this with individual offers.

You can now embed the magazines on your own and on friends’ websites using an embed code. In this way, you can increase the range of the magazines. If a reader is interested in the magazine, he has to click on it, and will be forwarded to the WEBKiosk. There, if the reader is surfing with a mobile device, the app is displayed in the upper part of the screen.

Magazines on all devices

A widget can also be used to show the app to readers who are sitting on their desktops. While this is less targeted, it increases reach and awareness of the app.

Free feature with a lot of added value

The YUMPU Publishing Smart Banner is a powerful tool to quickly ensure more downloads in the individual app. It’s even free for YUMPU Publishing customers. If you use this tool, you will see the app downloads increase very quickly!

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