Visit the machine room of Yumpu

A brief overview if all the systems are running properly is not only for us at Yumpu but also for our customers very important. With our new status page, you…

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APP Update for the new iPad Pro by Apple

The new iPad Pro 12.9″ creates a whole new “user experience” in reading digital publications! Apple writes: “The next generation of the iPad Pro is an uncompromising vision for computers…

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Blurring function improvements

AdFREE Feature: The blurring function now works instantly. No new rendering is needed every time you update the magazine. Also all blurred pages now contain a “Lock”-icon, which indicates to the…

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Find Yumpu on Product Hunt

You can now find on Product Hunt. We would really appreciate if you would leave us a like. New customers who like us on Product Hunt get 3 months of…

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