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Online Flipbook – From PDF to online Publications in No Time

Online Flipbook – From PDF to online Publications in No Time

YUMPU Publishing is the solution for all of your online catalog publishing needs. YUMPU works to provide clients with simple one-click publishing for digital eMagazines and eCatalogs worldwide. Best of all, users do not need to have any prior knowledge of PDF conversion or flipbook creation in order to take advantage of the unique services that YUMPU offers.

To begin creating your interactive document for the viewing pleasure of readers from around the world, all you must have is a PDF document of your publication. YUMPU takes care of the rest for you!

Creating Your Online Flipbook

Have you seen online flipbooks and ePapers before, but have no idea how to go about getting your publication online in a similar fashion? Luckily, YUMPU Publishing provides you with a free and simple solution to make your dreams a reality. First and foremost, you must create your flipbook as a PDF file on your computer. Your flippable PDF can contain as few or as many pages as you’d like, complete with text, links and images. Don’t forget to add a stunning cover page that is sure to draw in potential readers once online.

Uploading Your PDF

After you PDF file is ready, you can begin the process of uploading it. There are absolutely no skills needed from users in order to effectively and efficiently convert their PDF files to a online flipbook. Simply browse your computer for your desired PDF file and click to upload. Users are then prompted to create a free account on which they are able to manage their publication that has been uploaded. In a matter of minutes, your online flipbook will be up and running online so that you are able to share it with your readers.

PDF to ePaper Conversion

In a simple four-step process, your PDF will be converted to an online flipbook for your reading enjoyment. Text, links, data, and images are all extracted from your publication to effectively optimize search engine results. This unique online application is truly unlike any other and makes it possible for users to put their creative work on the internet without any experience or conversion wait time. This top-notch conversion process is just one of the many reasons to use YUMPU.

Search Engine Optimization at its Finest

Search engine optimization is one of the most important tools in order to get the world to know your eMagazine. YUMPU Publishing takes on all of the search engine optimization work for you, enabling your flipbook to rise in popularity and to gain a following of those who are interested in your work. These SEO-friendly flipbooks ensure a high level of attendance to your publication regularly. Users even receive heat rankings, the user status, and retention time information delivered to them each week based on their search engine results.

Choosing a Publication Plan

YUMPU offers completely free services to those who would like to get their publication online without any fees involved. While this free version allows you to easily create a flipbook from a PDF file with unlimited pages and unlimited magazines available to take advantage of, advertisements are added to your ePaper in lieu of membership fee. Additional paid package options include an adFree version, WEBKiosk and APPKiosk package. Each package offers additional features that may be beneficial to your eMagazine. This outstanding ePaper technology uses HTML5, Flash and JavaScript in order to deliver smooth, crisp and clear reading material to those around the world.

Growing Your Business with an Online Flipbook

Publishing your own online flipbook enables you to easily grow your business. This #1 ranked digital publishing website works with you every step of the way to ensure an excellent experience. Through YUMPU Publishing, you will gain more readers each and every day when they simply browse the website or search for relevant keywords, giving you the ability to sell more and grow at a faster rate than ever before. This top of the line magazine publisher brings new readers to your flipbook for absolutely no cost at all.

After uploading your PDF in order to create a flawless flipbook, it becomes immediately available on all devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and more. With no technical skills needed, you are able to bring your reading material to all platforms and devices right now. This fantastic solution makes publishing your first, second or even tenth magazine easier than you could have ever imagined. With the simple click of a button, readers will be flipping through the pages of your interactive PDF magazine.

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Welcome to YUMPU!

My name is Belinda Reiler.

I am very excited to begin my second year at YUMPU! What I really love about is that everyone - without any technical knowledge - can create amazing looking online magazines!

What do we offer:

  • Create flippable PDF for free
    Start now and create and publish your own flippable magazine in just a few minutes!

  • Solutions for everyone
    Create page flipping publications online. From beginners package to your own WEBKiosk and your own APP – there is a solution for everyone.

What our customers say:

"YUMPU convinced us with easy handling and a competitive price. YUMPU offers great performance and support. Other companies have to adjust to compete with it."


"I love the whole idea of YUMPU and especially the people behind it, which I previously got to know! I am happy to recommend YUMPU."


Satisfied customers tweet:

We’re using for 2 months now. Their service is head and shoulders above what other ePaper websites have to offer.

If you want your publication to look professional, visually stunning & expensive, you should consider #YUMPU free service.


I have been looking for a couple of days now at the different aspects of where to host my magazines, wins all the time