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Free Flip Book Maker Software from YUMPU – this thing Rocks!

Free Flip Book Maker Software from YUMPU – this thing Rocks!

Hi I’m going to show you exactly how you can create your own Flip Book in just under 2 Minutes. The best thing? It’s absolutely Free!

How Can I Use the Free YUMPU Flip Book Maker?

Using a free flip book maker can be a great way to promote your business or to improve readership for an existing magazine. Now that many people have an iPad or an iPhone, reading an online magazine has never been easier. Reading an online magazine can be preferable to reading print publications because one does not have to carry around heavy magazines or books.

All one needs is his or her e-reader, smartphone, or laptop to access an online magazine. At YUMPU Publishing, you can have access to all of the tools that you need to create a free flip book. This website offers easy-to-use software technology to help you convert a PDF file into a Flip Book. All it takes is two minutes of your time to convert a PDF into a flippable online magazine.

When you use a free flip book maker, you can also include high-quality images in the publication. Your magazine can feature high-definition photos that capture your audience. If you have never published an online magazine before, you can use to learn about the publishing process. Making a free online flipbook on YUMPU Publishing requires no technical background.

You can create online magazines for a variety of purposes. Here are some of the most effective ways in which you can use an online magazine in your daily life.

1. Create reports for your boss.

If your boss assigns a report to you, you may be looking for ways to add a professional touch to it. Using a flipbook creator can ensure that you create a sleek version that is presentable for your boss. Rather than handing in a PDF document, you may impress your boss by handing in a flippable magazine that features your report. Superiors often like to see that an employee has gone above and beyond the requirements for a project. Creating a professional flipbook is an excellent way to capture the interest of a boss and show how dedicated you are to a project.

2. Publish your own online magazine or novel.

Aspiring authors may want to write their own magazine or novel without the interjection of an editor or publishing firm. YUMPU makes it easy for authors to quickly publish a high-quality online magazine or novel with their free flip book maker. An author can release his or her new novel to the rest of the world in just a few minutes. By using YUMPU Publishing, an author can work off of his or her own schedule and not the schedule of a publishing firm.

Magazine companies may also want to consider using YUMPU to create online editions. A magazine can weather difficult economic times in print media by converting to an online publication. Audiences can still pay a subscription fee to access online magazines. They may prefer investing in an online magazine that they can access from an e-reader rather than having to carry a heavy stack of print publications.

3. Promote a new product for your business.

Businesses can also use online magazines to create catalogs for their products. Online magazines show the world which products a business has to offer. An online catalog also boosts consumer confidence in a business. An ecommerce business may want to connect with consumers and boost their trust levels. An online catalog shows that a business is legitimate.

4. Promote an event for your charity or non-profit organization.

Online flipbooks may also promote an upcoming charity event. Organizers can provide information about the event in a flippable magazine. Individuals may want to know how to purchase tickets or additional information about the purpose of a charity. Flipbooks are an excellent way to garner interest in a gala event.

5. Publish a study guide for students.

A free flip book maker helps teachers connect with their students on a different level. Teachers may want to provide study guides for students before an upcoming test. A study guide includes all of the information that students need to know to effectively prepare for a test.

Flip books have changed the way in which people connect with online audiences. No longer do people have to depend on print publications to express their thoughts or display information about business products. A free flipbook maker is an affordable alternative to traditional forms of print media.

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My name is Belinda Reiler.

I am very excited to begin my second year at YUMPU! What I really love about is that everyone - without any technical knowledge - can create amazing looking online magazines!

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