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iPad Magazine – Create it in Minutes for Free! (Example)

iPad Magazine – Create it in Minutes for Free! (Example)

Since the introduction of the iPad, the demand for e-magazines and e-catalogues in a compatible flipbook format for iPad and iPhone has advanced conversion technologies., is a webservice which provides a free iPad Magazine Creator for iPad iPhone. YUMPU Publishings software app allows iPad users to convert existing PDF documents to 3D interactive pageflip books. Create beautiful flappable PDF e-catalogues, e-magazines, and e-papers for your iPad with YUMPU. One of the best Web-based marketing tools, YUMPU enables users to transform a variety of material into one interactive product. Reduce the hassle of programming in the creation of website collateral online. With YUMPU Publishing automatic conversion of standard Adobe documents into interactive assets eliminates the cost and time-consuming developer activities using flash. HTML any YUMPU document so that iPad-ready publications can later be embedded in a homepage. iPad magazine are the hottest collateral on the market. Capture the attention of customers with a YUMPU interactive flipbook. Publishing will never be the same.

iPad Magazine Software in a Flash

The resource for free online e-Paper publishing now offers enhanced kiosk services for merchants. YUMPU Publishing conversion of PDF documents to Web-based flipbooks is compatible with iOS applications. Users with an iPad or iPhone will love YUMPU’s e-magazine and e-catalogue conversion results. Transform a standard Adobe document into an interactive gem that will have customers and fans talking.

Mobilize flash effects for free in YUMPU. Once you have converted your PDF document into an interactive flipbook, the product is ready for publication. HTML publishing at YUMPU is free. Yet, if you are like most business professionals interested in promoting your product direct, a value added subscription will provide additional kiosk features in your own app.

YUMPU app customers hold the extra leverage for direct channel marketing in the palm of their hand. The iOS compatible iPad Magazine app is the key to unlocking the potential of mobile consumption. Add portability to your flipbook platform, and watch your customer conversion to point-of-sale or sign-up increase. Increase sales with flipbook collateral in iOS.


  • Conversion of Adobe documents in standard web browser formats

  • Touchscreen interactivity

  • Multi-media integration

  • Direct hosting of flipbook publications

  • Monitoring of e-magazine performance

  • Social media sharing

  • Website embed

  • End-to-end user create, publish, and marketing

Creating the iOS Flipbook for iPad

Easy registration followed by simple conversion of PDF uploads to ‘My Magazine’ transforms standard Adobe documents into interactive collateral. Once the flipbook has been posted to the YUMPU account dash, users can publish the flipbook with its own HTML address for embed in a website or social media. Flipbooks are an incredible method for marketing goods and services. Create a direct link to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ for use in your next promotion or campaign.

Tracking of a YUMPU flipbook document is automatic. Use YUMPU analytics to track the performance of your individual interactive media. Increase marketing return on investment with YUMPU metric reporting. Knowledge of how your product is doing in ratings will inform future marketing strategy.

The global demand for iOS compatible interactive content has never been higher. Capitalize on iPad and iPhone user markets with pageflip applications. Mobile marketing is in step with the business world. With the YUMPU iPad and iPhone app, management of direct marketing collateral has never been easier. Extend the audience reach of your next marketing campaign with YUMPU flappable pdf publications.

YUMPU enables customers to integrate Facebook, Twitter and RSS feed news into an existing e-magazine or e-paper product. Users have access to sources preconfigured categories on the YUMPU dashboard. Cyclical publications benefit from YUMPU selected social media and news updates, automatically.

Outperform competitors in your segment with YUMPU iPad and iPhone app services. Expand channel marketing to mobile customers. Market an interactive e-catalogue or e-magazine accessible from any iOS device. Sustain leadership in your industry’s product and service segments. Mobilize YUMPU for customer engagement. Enhance the potential of your business intelligence and marketing assets.

Drive sales and retain customer loyalty with best in class knowledge sharing. Consumers expect more from digital media than before. Turn static PDF documents into a high interaction experience with YUMPU flippable content. Localized for language integrity, YUMPU will not lose your fonts during the conversion process. Insist on iOS excellence, and captivate the masses.


From Europe with Love, YUMPU Publishing is a leader in the interactive PDF Flipbook conversion services sector. We supply the global marketplace with publication support. Free and paid services to customers are scaled according to service offerings.

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My name is Belinda Reiler.

I am very excited to begin my second year at YUMPU! What I really love about is that everyone - without any technical knowledge - can create amazing looking online magazines!

What do we offer:

  • Create flippable PDF for free
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    Create page flipping publications online. From beginners package to your own WEBKiosk and your own APP – there is a solution for everyone.

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"YUMPU convinced us with easy handling and a competitive price. YUMPU offers great performance and support. Other companies have to adjust to compete with it."


"I love the whole idea of YUMPU and especially the people behind it, which I previously got to know! I am happy to recommend YUMPU."


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We’re using for 2 months now. Their service is head and shoulders above what other ePaper websites have to offer.

If you want your publication to look professional, visually stunning & expensive, you should consider #YUMPU free service.


I have been looking for a couple of days now at the different aspects of where to host my magazines, wins all the time