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Create an online magazine – Generate organic traffic in 4 easy steps

Create an online magazine – Generate organic traffic in 4 easy steps

The new normal in internet marketing is letting the reader come to you. Inbound marketing avoids many of the pitfalls associated with email newsletters, including blocked deliveries and being placed in a spam folder. Even if you choose to use a contact manager with your email newsletter campaign, it can still be difficult to measure the overall reach and effectiveness of that news source. With YUMPU Publishing you can publish a high-quality interactive online magazine that attracts readers on the Internet for free. You can also easily share it on major social networks, thus generating more clicks and attention. Finally, you can also integrate Google Analytics and thus receive detailed information about the reach that your magazine actually has after publication.

Create your ONLINE MAGAZINE for free now!

Create your online magazine in just four steps

First of all, you have to think about what you want to present in the online magazine. Then create a Word or Excel file and save it as a PDF. Then, when you have a PDF file that you want to convert into an online magazine, YUMPU’s software makes it easy. You can even sign up with a social networking login for faster registration. Facebook, Twitter, and Google are available here. The tool is free to use. However, you can upgrade to a paid version at any time.

To start you must:

  1. Register at YUMPU Publishing and confirm the registration in your email

  2. Upload your PDF document

  3. Edit your online magazine (Add title, description, language, category, and tags,).

  4. Publish it with one click and share it with the whole world – Done!

Once you have published the magazine, you can send the link to your email subscribers, bypassing spam filters that might snag a larger file. Or, you can also share the online magazine with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. You don’t have to worry about spam filters when you publish your magazine online, instead of sending the entire file through email. Plus, the magazine can be zoomed in on much more easily than with a newsletter format sent via email. This makes it adaptable to platforms like tablets and smartphones.

Online Magazines and Search Engines

Also, by publishing your magazine online instead of sending out email copies, you can get more visibility from Google (which is always on the lookout for quality content). When users search for content and find your magazine through the search engine, Google Analytics integration lets you see how effective your online publishing efforts are. YUMPU makes it easy to find out about your audience with this feature, although you need to add tags to ensure your online magazine is properly categorized and indexed.

The “rendering technology” (streaming technology) ensures that your publication always gets into the index of Google and other search engines. And if you’re lucky even on the front positions. This will get you thousands of additional prospects. YUMPU has a high-performance server infrastructure with excellent response times and very high bandwidth, so your publications always get top loading times and availability, even when your website is very busy. The main indicators remain stable for indexing on search engines.

Your own WEBKiosk

Do you have many PDF publications and would you like to make them available in a sorted and optimized way?

With your own WEBKiosk, you get the opportunity to display complete collections in an optimized way and to link them to each other in an SEO-friendly way. An additional advantage over multiple individual embeds is that you can display dozens of issues on one page without risking a loss of quality in terms of loading time. After all, optimal loading times are crucial for indexing on Google and other search engines.

Your own tailor-made publishing app solution

You can charge for your publications and thereby open up new sources of income. Whether reading samples for lead generation or push notifications to subscribers to self-defined user groups – you will receive your own professional publishing app in a few days. Manage your publications easily in your web account and your issues are up to date in the same second in your own IOS or Android APP.

Contact our team and we will be happy to show you the possibilities for a tailor-made publishing solution including subscriber acquisition (IVW countable circulation) and integrated payment solution and e.g. automatic e-mail dispatch for new publications.

Our team is happy to support you.

Arrange consulting now!

The YUMPU Search Engine is Good Exposure, Too

A dedicated search engine is included in the magazines for those who wish to search for articles in online magazines. You or your readers can share the magazine with friends or clients via social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

You can also send your online magazine via email and reach many people at the same time. This gives you valuable, additional organic reach with your online magazine. So test YUMPU Publishing for yourself now for free!

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