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How To Read Online Magazines for Free – The best platform

How To Read Online Magazines for Free – The best platform

Reading magazines has always been a favorite activity of mine ever since I was a kid. Every magazine I read allowed me to enjoy news, and gain information from an eclectic range of articles. I had found myself reading all kinds of magazines. However, I have to buy individual magazines and making a weekly subscription for each of them. Magazines were piling up in the corner of my room. With no place to store them, subscription fees were starting to become quite expensive. At the end of every year and the canceling process had become more and more complicated. At that point, I decided that I had to look for available alternatives. I aimed to find something that would allow me to have all my magazine subscriptions into one. Essentially, I wanted to know how to read an online magazine for free, then I found YUMPU News.

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How did I learn about YUMPU News?

After an extensive search online to check for a website or app that could provide me with what I want, I stumbled upon YUMPU News.

Bevor I have found YUMPU News, I have tested many other services. Out of all the services which offered access to digital magazines, I found that YUMPU NewsI had the best experience.

YUMPU News offers readers a service that allows them to access magazines in digital format on any of their preferred devices. Reading magazines has never been as convenient. It is possible to use YUMPU Newson on the desktop, on the tablet, or on a smartphone. Since I always do everything with my smartphone, I will focus more on the app. With the app, I can now access a library full of all my favorite magazines.

Getting Started How To Read Online Magazines For Free

If readers are wondering about how to read online magazines for free, they must check out YUMPU News. The extraordinary services are mirrored by the staggering review the app holds on the Appstore or Google Play.

To start using YUMPU News is quite simple. After 3 minutes you must register to continue reading, and create an account. For this you need the following information:

  • Your e-mail address

  • What country you are in

You will then receive an email with a password, and you can log in easily. You need an internet-enabled device (desktop, smartphone, tablet) to access all magazines.

The perfect app for magazine lovers

With the appropriate app from Android or iOS, you can read the magazines anytime and anywhere on your smartphone, iPad, or tablet. Of course, you can also access the YUMPU News platform via the browser of your laptop or computer. To do this, visit YUMPU News.

If you want to access the APP (you can find this in the Apple App Store or Google Play), download the app onto your smartphone, iPad, or Tablet. The landing page of their website, as well as for the app, has a clear and easy-to-navigate design making this service also extremely user-friendly. Once users start a YUMPU News subscription, they will be able to read online magazines for free on up to five devices simultaneously.

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You can grant four additional people free access. Overall, it is possible to read the newspaper on five devices at the same time or to leaf through the issue of your favorite journal online.

Users searching how to read magazines online for free will find that a subscription will grant them unlimited access to all the magazines offered by the app and website, both new and back issues without any complications.

There are a plethora of exciting features which can help users find exactly what they are looking for any day of the week. YUMPU News has various available titles on their service, with new issues being released weekly and every month. The many features will allow users to navigate through the service seamlessly while scrolling through the endless number of available titles.

Functions of the platform

It is not only important to find out how to read online magazines for free, but it is also important to find a service that will provide this with the highest quality. There are many convenient functions on YUMPU News that will allow users to have a memorable experience.

As previously stated, the homepage of YUMPU News provides users with a clean and user-friendly interface that will help them navigate with untethered access to all their available titles.

To search for magazines, users must head over to the YUMPU News discover page where they can scroll through the latest issues of the magazines. On this page, readers will be presented with the cover and a short description of the magazine.

All your favorite categories

Moreover, the page also allows users to search through the most popular selections or decide between categories. Clicking on a magazine will then open the magazine, as well as present the back issues available for that specific magazine too.

YUMPU News allows users to then bookmark their favorite magazines to make them easily accessible for the next time they want to read them. Readers can return to search for magazines from any page on the YUMPU News app. Once readers select a magazine, they will also have the choice of whether they wish to have the text as a one-sided or double-sided view. Moreover, users can also turn their devices into a real digital magazine with a fullscreen function.

For the times that users may not have access to an internet connection, the offline reading function allows them to download any of their favorite titles straight to their device.

Personal space

With a subscription to YUMPU News, users will be granted access to a personal “MyKiosk” area which will allow them to enjoy several useful functions.

In the “MyKiosk” area, users can locate all the magazines they have added as their favorites, and access their bookmarked magazines.

YUMPU News allows five users to create their individual “MyKiosk” profile. These are only a few of the many functions which demonstrate why YUMPU News will be the best answer to a user’s search for how to read online magazines for free.

Subscription to YUMPU News is the right move

Besides the many user-friendly functions offered by YUMPU News, also provides several other benefits to the reader.

The YUMPU News offer is only free for 30 days, after which you should definitely take out a subscription. The subscription then costs you EUR 9.97 per month. But what are 9.97 euros? If you read YUMPU News instead of buying two magazines a month, the money is saved again.

Moreover, the app allows the user to access all their favorite magazines straight on one platform and with one subscription, making it not only easy to use but extremely convenient.


With a YUMPU News subscription, users get access to high-quality magazines on their preferred device.

With many available titles, readers have the chance to choose among a vast array of topics, whether they wish to follow fashion trends, keep up with the latest pop culture, get updated on world news, or learn various traveling tips.

YUMPU News offers it all.

Scrolling through the numerous titles, users will be able to stumble upon popular magazines as well as lesser-known ones, giving readers the chance to broaden their options.

Readers looking for how to read online magazines for free, do not have to look any further. To start using YUMPU News it’s simple. Sign in, download the app on your device and begin reading on your desktop, mobile, or tablet! You will enjoy it.

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