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ePaper Flip – Using an easy flip software for free

ePaper Flip – Using an easy flip software for free

The rapid development of the internet and its broad reach has created an ideal platform for researchers and academicians to post their scholarly papers online. Although many educational institutions provide the opportunity to publish papers within their libraries, there can often be a great deal of red-tape and very little control is afforded to the author. More and more authors are resorting to hosting and managing their papers on more open sites in order to improve exposure and maintain control. Flip software to create highly dynamic ePaper flips is becoming increasingly popular. The exceptionally effective and easy to handle software provided at YUMPU Publishing allows authors to create an ePaper flip in a matter of minutes.

ePaper Flip – Immediate and Easy Access

Scholarly papers have the power to establish an author’s credibility and expertise in a given field. The easier the access to these documents the more exposure an author gets. Exposure is extremely important in helping the author with securing more opportunities to write and speak on topics that they are passionate about.

It also gives the public much easier access to information that may be highly beneficial to them. Many academic libraries will have limited access that requires a paid subscription — creating what could be a deterrent for many people seeking information on a particular subject.

The flip software available at YUMPU Publishing is a dynamic and expedient way for authors to get their papers before readers.

Dynamic Interactivity

One of the primary benefits of using flip technology software is the dynamic animation that it presents. In an era in which users are becoming more educated and aware of what is available, their expectations have been elevated considerably. This makes keeping their readers and followers attention more of challenge. With the flippable PDF pages and sound effects associated with the digital flip book page technology provided by YUMPU, it is much easier to engage the reader in a way that make the entire news experience more enjoyable. An enjoyable experience equates to an engaged user — resulting in a loyal follower.

User experience is huge in this highly competitive market in which there are so many different sources for the attention of readers, consumers and followers. ePaper flip technology has provided a platform that is not only engaging, but highly functional.

ePaper Software Ease of Use

Anytime conversion software comes into play, the ease of use factor becomes an issue. One of the problems that many users struggle with is software that is so complex that it is basically useless. The flip book user interface at YUMPU is simplistic and intuitive while offering high functionality. You can literally log into your account at YUMPU and upload and convert a PDF file in under five minutes. If you don’t have profile or account with YUMPU, you will be asked to create one before continuing. Once your account has been created, you can proceed with uploading your pdf file to be converted. Once the file has been uploaded, the conversion process will begin immediately. Once the process is complete, you will be prompted to create a title and meta-description for your ePaper flip. This will help make your paper easier to find for those who are looking for information concerning the topic on which you have written.

Easy Editing

If you ever need to edit your paper or submit a revised copy, you can simply go to your account and click on the corresponding tab, where you will be prompted to upload your new version. The process is extremely easy. These means that as new data is made available concerning the research that you have conducted, you will be able to update your facts and findings without having to begin from scratch.

Embed Code Generation

One of the more exciting benefits associated with the flip software at YUMPU is the ability to embed your digital ePaper flip publishing on your website, blog, or landing page with relative ease. At the moment that your conversion is initially completed, an embed code is automatically generated and displayed. You can simply copy and paste the embed code into your site. This helps increase exposure as well as make your site more engaging — improving the user experience.

Access to Millions of Readers

Because YUMPU Publishing has millions of readers who browse their site on a regular basis, you will have direct access to these readers as your paper will remain hosted on their page. You can control how your paper is presented. You can make it “read only” or you can allow readers to download it.

YUMPU also has great social media integration, meaning that these readers will be able to share your paper on a number of social media platforms, increasing the opportunity for your paper to go viral. In just a few short minutes, you can have your hard work available for the world to see. It is the best digital publishing solution and that simple.

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