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PDF Compressor – Check this out!

PDF Compressor – Check this out!

A PDF compressor significantly reduces the size of a PDF file. As soon as you upload an existing PDF file, you can select the size you want to create. In just two minutes, YUMPU Publishing will convert your PDF file into a Flipbook which is small in size and you can embed it everywhere, and send the link via E-Mail. The best thing? it’s free!

Within just a couple of minutes, you can compress a document to generate a PDF file of the smallest size with YUMPU. A PDF document is the most common transferable file for businesses, lawyers, accountants and others who depend on transmitting important information on the Internet. A PDF document is universally downloadable on all computer systems.

Instead of risking that a person may not have Microsoft Word and be unable to download a document, you should use a PDF document to transmit your information. PDF documents give creators a variety of fonts and graphics to use. If you have many images in a PDF document, however, the document can be difficult to download. Compressing the PDF file ensures that others can quickly download the file.

What Is a PDF Compressor?

A PDF compressor reduces the size of a PDF file so that it can be sent as an attachment in an email. Without a reduction in size, a PDF file may be too length to transmit through email. A laptop or tablet may shut down if the PDF file is too large or complicated to download. Those planning on sending a PDF over the Internet should take care to prepare it for receipt on the other end. One should be respectful of the time that a recipient has to download a file. If a recipient has to wait hours for the PDF file to download, he or she may become frustrated or discouraged. A PDF compressor offers the solution that one needs to create a file that may be easily downloaded by others.

Why Do You Need a PDF Compressor?

Email systems frequently set a limit for the size of a PDF file that may be transferred through email. If one creates a PDF file that exceeds this size, he or she may need to compress the file or reduce its size. Trying to take out words and graphics can be time-consuming for a person with a busy schedule. It can also feel frustrating to go through an entire document to try to cut out language and graphics. A PDF compressor, such as the one available at YUMPU Publishing, helps cut down on the time required to reduce the size of a PDF file. In just a couple of minutes, you may reduce the size of the PDF file without much work. All you need to do is visit and upload the PDF file that you wish to compress. As soon as you click the convert button, YUMPU will compress the file into a transferable and downloadable PDF file.

Creating an E-Book or Online Magazine

A PDF file can also be converted into other formats that are easily transferrable on the Internet. Those who have a PDF file may want to convert it into an e-book or online magazine. An e-book may be a preferable format for an aspiring author or professional who wants to convey important information on a subject. Teachers may also quickly create e-books as a way to convey important information to students. They may even wish to create their own textbooks without the hassle of using a publisher.

Creating a flippable PDF is a great way to communicate with one’s audience. These documents are easier to read than a traditional PDF. Instead of scrolling through a lengthy document, the flipbook provides an intuitive experience for the reader. One feels like he or she is reading an authentic book in being able to turn the pages of a flippable PDF.

Using a Secure Compressor

Before you choose a compressor to use for creating a new PDF document, you should make sure that the converter is secure. YUMPU is one of the most secure converters available on the Internet. None of your files will be saved on YUMPU’s systems. YUMPU respects the privacy and confidentiality of its users.

If you have never used a PDF compressor, it may now be time to try one out. The quality of your existing PDF documents will not be diminished. Rather, the quality of your PDF documents will improve by using YUMPU. The results will likely be better than you ever expected when you convert or compress a PDF document at YUMPU Publishing. You can also show respect for the recipients of your documents by providing them with PDF files that only take seconds to download on a computer.


I’ve been searching for a good and easy way to compress pdf’s. The reason why I need to compress pdf’s is emailing – I’ve previously had issues sending large files to colleagues and when trying to upload on to specific sites and platforms. This is definitely going to make life a lot easier. I have tried a few other pdf compressors, with no luck, so I’m excited to give this one ago.

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