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Insert PDF Flipbook to HTML – Your wish come true

Insert PDF Flipbook to HTML – Your wish come true

If you’re looking for a solution to turn PDF files into real digitized content for readers, then you’ve come to the right place. With YUMPU Publishing you can transform your PDFs into HTML flipbooks. But you not only have the possibility to create flipbooks, but also online magazines, online catalogs, or online brochures. The platform is free and offers e-paper publishers the ability to insert PDF flipbooks into HTML. Adding interactive elements such as audio, video, links and images makes reading an experience and can lead to valuable, additional organic reach. Unlike the plain traditional PDF pages that are difficult to read, our platform allows readers to insert PDF Flipbooks into HTML and thereby gain economic advantages. But that’s not all: the scrollable PDFs ensure better search engine indexing and by embedding on websites or social media, you can even increase your website visitors and thereby generate more purchases.

Create flippable PDFs and insert PDF Flipbook to HTML

The YUMPU Publishing Software facilitates the online creation of product catalogs, glossy fashion magazines, designer brochures, and many other digital contents with a 3D page-turning effect. A user interface with intuitive features simplifies the non-technical processes of creating stunning digital publications with innovative digital features.

The software has the appeal that one can make the PDF flipbook interactive by adding links, inserting images, inserting videos, and customizing multimedia. The all-in-one digital publishing experience offered helps with conversion and distribution via email, social media, and websites.

Steps to insert PDF Flipbook to HTML

  1. Register on YUMPU Publishing and confirm your email address

  2. Create a PDF beforehand and upload your PDF document after registering on the platform

  3. Add the flipbook information after conversion

  4. Now you are able to upload the HTML flipbook to your website or blog. Simply choose an embedding option to insert PDF into HTML Flipbook

  5. And you can also upload your online Flipbook to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  6. Of course, you can also insert your digital PDF HTML5 Flipbook into your email and inform your customers or friends about it.

Advantages of Using ‘Insert PDF Flipbook to HTML’

Using insert PDF Flipbook to HTML increases the readership of publications. The online flipbooks are better search engine optimized and this results in the digital HTML flipbooks being easier to crawl or render. The technique of inserting PDF flipbook into HTML makes content more accessible for indexing and the publication loads faster to get more website visitors.

Publishers using the PDF to HTML feature achieve content that is easier to read on any browser type, including mobile. The page flipping flipbooks inserted into the HTML are real-time searchable with text that is more selectable and editable than the traditional PDF format.

The online flipbooks published in the online newsstand have optimized single and double page display properties, making them more fun to read while enjoying their high-speed playback. Hyperlinks can also be inserted into the PDF flipbook pages.

In addition, the insertion of interactive content is easy with the flipping publications and results in videos, images, or text content being displayed in the highest quality. The digital magazines can also be easily shared with friends or customers via email.

Turn Your PDF into PDF Flipbook in HTML

PDF documents are usually quite large (usually several MB file size), so search engines do not index this valuable content, since the loading time of your PDF documents on your website usually does not meet the necessary requirements of search engines and therefore also does not are indexed or do not get good placements in the search results.

In addition to the unique technology, a high-performance server infrastructure with excellent response times and very high bandwidth is provided, and your publications will always have top loading times and availability – even if there is a lot going on on your website, they stay important indicators for indexing in search engines are constantly stable.

Thanks to YUMPU Publishing’s “rendering technology” or “streaming technology”, your publication will ALWAYS (if you want to publish your content) get into the index of Google and co (usually in the first places) and bring you thousands of additional interested parties at no additional cost.

Exceptional tablet, desktop, and mobile browser editions are available with YUMPU Publishing’s digital publishing to insert PDF Flipbook to HTML software that caters to a wider readership audience.

If you also want the economic advantages of an online flipbook, then upload your PDF now on YUMPU Publishing for free.

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