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HTML PDF into an HTML5 Flip Book – It is easy and free

HTML PDF into an HTML5 Flip Book – It is easy and free

With the free flip book creation solution offered by YUMPU Publishing, it’s now possible to bring boring PDF documents to life, allowing readers to flip pages like a real book and listen to audio files and watch videos. Best of all, transforming a PDF into an HTML flipbook can be done in a matter of minutes and it’s so easy even my 10 years old son could do it!

Converting a PDF into an HTML 5 Flip Book

After the PDF files have been imported, it is now time to design your HTML flip book tutorial and stylize it to your liking. You can browse an expansive lineup of dynamic, robust, and appealing templates and select the perfect one for your tutorial. After choosing a template, you can preview it before finalizing the conversion.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there, because you can also customize many aspects of the flip book, including the background image, button position and style, music, and much more. There are dozens of various settings that you can play around with in order to create the ideal HTML flip book tutorial for yourself or your clients.

Reasons to Transform an PDF into a HTML 5 Flip Book

Flip books provide several benefits that PDFs simply cannot match, such as:

• Increased Accessibility – In order to view PDF files, viewers must first download and install a PDF viewer or PDF reader.

• Quick Load Times

• Makes Reading Fun – Compared to the boring and stiff style and presentation of PDFs, flip books allow users to choose from various templates to create a stunning and engaging online document that behaves like a real book, providing readers with a much more enjoyable experience.

• Hundreds of Free Templates – As mentioned, the powerful and intuitive flipbook creation software provided by comes packed with over one hundred free templates, allowing that the flip book shows their full potential.

• Customizable Settings – PDF to flip book software enables users to customize several aspects of their flip book pages, such as colors, toolbars, height and width, and much more.

• Free Publishing – When transformed from a PDF to a flip book, an HTML tutorial can be freely published on websites, mobile devices, CD-ROM, and more.

• Fast, Easy, and Secure – Once uploaded, an HTML tutorial PDF can be transformed into an eye-catching and enjoyable flip book in mere seconds. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly to avoid any possible confusion and it is guaranteed to be 100 percent secure.

When you are done customizing your flipbook tutorials, simply press the “Publish” button to begin converting the PDF into a stylized HTML5 flip book. There are numerous output formats to choose from, including ZIP, HTML, SWF, APP, and EXE.

When finished, you will end up with an appealing and engaging HTML flip book tutorial that will dramatically increase reading enjoyment and comprehension. Readers will be able to zoom in and out, view the flip book in full screen, add background music, and so on. In the end, you will end up with a professional-looking and unique flip book that cannot be found anywhere else, providing you with a unique selling proposition, enriching your site, and expanding your client base.

Flipping Book Fan
Flipping Book Fan

This is the best tutorial and step by step explanation about how to convert PDF into HTML5 flip book. I like this tutorial.


Thanks for the tutorial.

Belinda Reiler
Belinda Reiler

If you got any questions, let me know!

Steven Miller
Steven Miller

Hey, My website visitors really love it! It’s a cool new way to show them content. And the best thing, it’s free!


Hey there!

I just created my flipbook and I love it. Thank you!


I really like the fact that you can put links into your Flip Book. Now I can link from the Flip Book to all my products in my webshop. Instant money machine! Cheers, Caroline

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