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Flippable PDF – 3 easy steps to generate more reach

Flippable PDF – 3 easy steps to generate more reach

Maybe you have written a number of intriguing papers on a particular topic that would be extremely appealing to readers, or maybe you have compiled information that could be helpful to someone attempting to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The problem is that you don’t have the resources or expertise necessary to publish the material online. As with everything else, the manner in which written material is presented is rapidly evolving. The presentation of the eBook has become more interactive and engaging. The good news is there is a way in which you can literally publish your material as a flippable PDF through YUMPU Publishing.

What exactly is a Flippable PDF?

The definition of a flippable PDF is rapidly expanding to encompass the unlimited creativity of the author, but for the purpose of providing the lucidity necessary to comprehend this concept, we will narrow down the definition. The process of flipping a PDF is a simple and easy batch process in which a PDF is uploaded into an online software and converting into a stunning and interactive digital document that can be hosted online on downloaded into and eReader and more.

Try to imagine the endless possibilities that are at your fingertips. When you upload your PDF file to YUMPU, you will be able to create catalogs, digital magazines, ePapers and more — all capable of having the characteristic of paper books. This means the sounds that are made when pages are turned and more.

Immediate and Complete Access

One of the most prominent features associated with using the ease of use and access that YUMPU Publishing provides is the ability to immediately access the flipped document on any device. Whether a person is using their smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet, they will be able to access and view the document with full functionality.

Ease of use is another major feature that is worth noting here. One of the most prominent complaints by users who are attempting to use software — whether it is presented as a download or service provided online — is the difficulty associated with using the software. Some software is so cluttered and complicated that you would need a degree in rocket science to navigate through the process. The functionality provided by YUMPU is connected to a user interface that is highly intuitive and very easy to use.

How it’s Done

This process is so simple it really does not even need its own section, but for the sake of clarity, I will provide a brief explanation here. Visit the YUMPU site and create a profile. Once your profile has been completed, log in and upload your PDF file. Once your file has been uploaded, click the “Next” button and you will be prompted to take the next steps. You will be allowed to make certain selections and choose the options that you want to apply to your document. When you are finished, simply click the “publish” button to view the finished product.

The Benefits of a Flippable PDF

There are multitudinous benefits associated with a flippable PDF. One of the most effective features is the ability to get an embed code that will allow you to embed the document and all of its features directly onto your website. The value of this cannot be overstated. In a marketing and branding culture in which such great emphasis is placed on customer engagement, a flippable PDF that contains highly relevant content while presenting it in a highly interactive manner has the potential to be immensely effective in garnering the attention of your readers or customer base. It is one way to improve the overall customer experience on your site.

Social Media Integration

Another fantastic feature associated with the service provided at YUMPU Publishing is complete social media integration. When you publish your magazine or ePaper on YUMPU, the magazine will be hosted there for others to view and read. It provides yet another hub from which your content will be able to gain more exposure. With their simplistic social media integration, you have the option to like your magazine on Facebook or you can Pin your magazine to Pinterest as well as tweet about on twitter.

With direct social media access the potential for exponential growth in exposure is huge.

Built-In Search Engine Optimization

With YUMPU’s high ranking with Google, you will benefit from their exceptional search engine optimization. Being searchable on Google and search engines has an enormous impact on your credibility. It is almost automatic for people to conduct a search on people they meet or companies they may be considering doing business with. The place and frequency in which your document appears in their search says a great deal about you and your company or organization.

With so many simplistic features, it simply does not make sense not to stop by YUMPU Publishing to give this great service a spin.

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