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Flip Book Maker – Create an Online Flipbook in Minutes

Flip Book Maker – Create an Online Flipbook in Minutes

Whether your goal is to create a flippable online magazine, newsletter, catalog, or novel, at YUMPU Publishing you will find the perfect Flip Book Maker to publish your documents within a couple of minutes. Savvy e-commerce enthusiasts and online business owners are wisely changing their publications to digital formats. In today’s fast-moving international marketplace, eCommerce websites and catalogs must be updated constantly to show all changes in inventories, prices, and products.

All eMagazines, info papers, and online news publications also require ongoing input and updating in order to best inform and appeal to modern, knowledgeable Web readers. Without question, interactive Flip Book PDFs are today’s solution.

How to Publish with the YUMPU Flip Book Maker

With use of the innovative Flip Book Maker offered by YUMPU, all edits, additions and updates to your business catalogs and other publications can be accomplished quickly and easily. You can upload a PDF and actually create a new online Flip Book within a couple of minutes. Not only will your Internet audience and clients stay well-informed about your ideas, business goals, products, services or creative output, they will be charmed and intrigued by the high quality images and graphics included in your flippable online publications.

Whether your goal is to enhance your creative or business site with an engaging, professional eMagazine, eCatalog, ePaper, eNewsletter or eNovel, the unique system and opportunity offered for quality Internet publishing is all yours to use, enjoy and benefit from at YUMPU Publishing. Just follow these simple, easy-to-do steps to publish your first Web-based flipbook:

  • Register on the YUMPU Publishing website;

  • Upload your PDF file and create your ePublication within just two minutes;

  • Insert links, audio, and video files in your eCatalog, eMagazine, or other flippable online publication;

  • Embed your newly created Flip Book into your website; and

  • Share your ePublication on all the social networks.

When you create an eCatalog or eMagazine using the YUMPU Flip Book Maker and embed it on your commercial website, you will open new avenues to increased profitability, Web visibility and brand recognition. Your easily updated eCatalog of product listings will attract an impressive flow of new Web traffic to your site with the added SEO your ePublication provides. Your business and products will be returned in many more Internet searches than ever before. Consumers search for products, prices and attractive sales offers constantly.

For this reason, by staying current with all your product specifications and prices, you will have increased numbers of site visitors and conversion rates as casual Web browsers become first-time customers and then ongoing clients. As your client base grows, you will automatically add more products and services to your inventories and offers for additional conversions for profit. Of course, with the addition of new products, you will simply update your original PDF file of products and prices, upload it again to, and immediately have your newly updated pageflip eCatalog or other 3D PDF for embedding on your company site.

Is is important, as well, to add a customer sign-up link on your business website, all major social media sites and on other websites related to your business that allow link posting. You can also include your website URL or the link to your ecatalog whenever posting a comment on many websites you visit. As your customer sign-up list grows, you can expand your email marketing campaigns, including your business products eCatalog link in your marketing text.

Along with receiving greater profits, you will enjoy impressive savings since your eCatalog or eMagazine can reach thousands of prospective customers without expensive printing. Just place your flipbook on your site and include its Web link in your email marketing campaigns to entice new buyers. There are no production or printing fees involved and no distribution costs. This amazing new revolution in online sales and marketing can only bring you the valuable benefits of greater exposure for your online company and products. Soon you will be elated by the resulting increase in profits and rates of business success.

How YUMPU Flip Book Maker Software Enriches Site-User Experience for Profits

As business marketplaces become more competitive, enriching site-user experience is crucial to your Internet business success. Consumers worldwide are attracted to online catalogs and product listings offered at no expense to the shopper. In addition, most people have reduced the number of printed catalogs, magazines and newsletters they receive via snail-mail to be more eco-conscious and avoid household clutter.

Online catalogs and other flippable PDFs produced with use of sophisticated software save readers space, money and the annoyance of waiting for printed publications to arrive in their mailboxes. These modern, creative and informative professional flipbooks are easily accessible and enjoyable to read, making purchase decisions simple and fast. Many people also browse the website frequently to view new flippable online books.

For this reason, creating YUMPU flipbooks with the Flip Book Maker is also a powerful addition to the marketing and promotion strategies of any website offering products and services to the consumer market today. If you have not already gotten acquainted, visit YUMPU Publishing now so you, too, can experience the great thrill and many advantages of creating your first flippable online catalog, magazine, newsletter, or book of poetry.

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