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YUMPU – Among the TOP 1000 websites worldwide in the Alexa Ranking

YUMPU – Among the TOP 1000 websites worldwide in the Alexa Ranking

The Internet is like our cosmos, billions of websites are trying to be discovered. But only the “brightest stars” shine so intensely that people can see them! YUMPU is proud that through tireless work and a firm belief in the product, together with the customers and readers, this is a real success!

The “visible star” in the vastness of the “World Wide Web”, the current figures from the renowned analysis platform ALEXA (worldwide website ranking) prove it impressively!

YUMPU is among the TOP 1000 websites worldwide in the Alexa ranking

Alexa website ranking

  • among the TOP 196 websites in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

  • among the TOP 2,356 websites in the USA

YUMPU thanks the employees, customers, and readers alike. WITHOUT everyone, this wonderful success would not have been possible!

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Welcome to YUMPU!

My name is Belinda Reiler.

I am very excited to begin my second year at YUMPU! What I really love about is that everyone - without any technical knowledge - can create amazing looking online magazines!

What do we offer:

  • Create flippable PDF for free
    Start now and create and publish your own flippable magazine in just a few minutes!

  • Solutions for everyone
    Create page flipping publications online. From beginners package to your own WEBKiosk and your own APP – there is a solution for everyone.

What our customers say:

"YUMPU convinced us with easy handling and a competitive price. YUMPU offers great performance and support. Other companies have to adjust to compete with it."


"I love the whole idea of YUMPU and especially the people behind it, which I previously got to know! I am happy to recommend YUMPU."


Satisfied customers tweet:

We’re using for 2 months now. Their service is head and shoulders above what other ePaper websites have to offer.

If you want your publication to look professional, visually stunning & expensive, you should consider #YUMPU free service.


I have been looking for a couple of days now at the different aspects of where to host my magazines, wins all the time