The retro-style prospectus triggered hype on social media

written by Belinda Reiler, 15. July

There were times when you pressed your nose flat against the shop windows of computer retailers. You didn’t just want to see the prospectus. They wanted to take a direct look at the “Commodore AMIGA” with 512 K RAM and the graphics card!

How did it happen that the retro-style brochure became an online leaflet?

Today unimaginable 1865 D-Mark for many more than 1 month’s salary, this epitome of computer technology cost in the mid-80s! (Without RGB tube monitor, of course!). Not only older people like to look back on these memorable times, but also the young generation X, Y, and Z. The young generation today finds such “retro artifacts” completely cool and exciting. This is proven by an old brochure from the Vobis company.

The Vobis company converted it into a leaflet at YUMPU Publishing and shared it on Facebook. Within a short time, the flip magazine was “liked, shared and commented on”. Everyone knew something to write about the “prehistoric” looking personal computers and accessories from back then.

How to create an online leaflet

  • Save the retro brochure as a PDF
  • Register with YUMPU Publishing
  • Upload the PDF to YUMPU Publishing
  • Post on PDF on Facebook or share on other social media channels
  • Finished

An example shows that you can reach a lot of people with an old brochure, with YUMPU Publishing and social media!

Here is the example of what was created on YUMPU Publishing

Vobis Computer Prospekt

Why choose YUMPU Publishing?

With the software, you have several options for upgrading your old magazine, brochure, or leaflet. YUMPU Publishing has the following advantages and functions with the free plan (FREE plan):

  • Flip effect
  • More online presence
  • Reach new prospects through more visibility
  • Increase traffic
  • Increase sales
  • Worldwide availability
  • Social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

As you can see from the example of the Vobis company, it only brings advantages. You can reach more people online. So you won’t be forgotten.

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