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How to Make Flip Books? The answer is absolutely amazing

How to Make Flip Books? The answer is absolutely amazing

Creating great content is only a part of the battle. Putting that content into forms that attract and engage readers is equally important, especially as today’s readers are more demanding than ever. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to leverage existing content to create more convenient and accessible resources. For example, YUMPU Publishing offers a service that makes it incredibly easy to create beautiful online catalogs, magazines, and flip books from the PDFs that many businesses already have on hand. Even better, the service includes thorough social media integration and search engine optimization which can help ensure that the resulting output reaches as many eyes as possible.

How to Make Flip Books

The PDF file format is fairly ubiquitous at this point in time. Of all of the attempts to accurately recreate the feel and look of printed matter in digital form, it has been by far the most successful. That means that many businesses already have brochures, sales materials and catalogs in digital form in the PDF format, and these static documents can be easily and automatically turned into dynamic equivalents that work well with a wide variety of devices.

At YUMPU, in fact, this is as easy as clicking a couple of buttons and you don’t have to ask yourself how to make Flip Books anymore . A first-time user of the service will initially be prompted to select a PDF to be converted. After the user finds and uploads the document, YUMPU’s servers go to work on the conversion while the user selects from among a number of simple log-in methods. First-timers can opt to easily create accounts on YUMPU’s servers, but many will find it even easier to make use of existing Facebook or other social media accounts.

So Easy, You’ll Want to Tell Your Friends About It

There’s not much more to the initial process than that. Thanks to the flexibility of the PDF format, as well as the power of YUMPU software, the conversion process is a pretty straight-forward one. Users now have access to beautiful, highly usable flip book equivalents of their PDF documents, and can navigate them to make sure that everything’s in order.

Although this conversion is valuable in itself, YUMPU delivers a lot more to its users. Deep social media integration is included with every conversion, so the resulting digital catalogs and other documents are as easy as possible to “like” on Facebook or give the corresponding sign of approval on other networks. This integration means that the original PDF files have been transformed from static documents lying on a user’s hard drive into dynamic, social documents that can take on lives of their own thanks to their integration with the major social networks.

The Hidden Power of Flip Books and SEO

YUMPU brings even more to the table, too. While Facebook “like” buttons are a welcome and obvious feature, the service works behind the scenes to make sure that the major search engines are accounted for as well. Through a process known as search engine optimization–or SEO–YUMPU ensures that converted documents will be easy to crawl and comprehend for the robotic document indexers those search engines deploy.

This effort adds another dimension of usefulness and dynamism to the converted documents YUMPU produces for its users. In their native format, even PDF files hosted on the web tend to be difficult for search engines to assess, which leads to them failing to gain their rightful position in search engine results. YUMPU’s SEO techniques ensures that search engines will get a better, more useful picture of the content contained within the digital documents it creates, which can result in its users gaining much-appreciated new traffic through these search engines. Again, PDFs run through YUMPU become livelier, more useful things after they have been converted in this way.

Try It and Enjoy It Today

How to make Flip Books isn’t a question anymore. Getting started with YUMPU Publishing is so easy, and the benefits so great, that there’s no reason not to give it a try. Within minutes, users can create digital catalogs, flip books, or the like, and start experimenting with the service’s many interesting features.

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