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Reduce PDF Size in Minutes – It is easy and free

Reduce PDF Size in Minutes – It is easy and free

If you have authored a paper, catalog or some other type of content, and used the PDF file format to present the content, you are not alone. The PDF format is one of the most common document formats for disseminating content. The format has some very useful features. You can protect the integrity of the content by limited the types of edits that can be made to the document. This keeps readers from making unauthorized changes to the document. The PDF also has features that help to protect against certain levels of copyright infringement. One of the challenges that you may have encountered when using the PDF format is the fact that the file has the capacity to become too large. This makes it difficult to maneuver online and through emails. There have been a number of PDF compression software programs in the past, but they all have had their share of challenges. Some would fragment the file, making it inaccessible as a whole, while others would destroy the formatting. This can be a frustrating experience when you are attempting to upload or email your file. The free PDF compression software at YUMPU Publishing will allow you to reduce your PDF size in record time and the best thing – will convert it to an amazing digital flipbook too!

Reduce PDF Size without the Headaches

If you are tired of trying to Reduce PDF Size through different programs, you will want to visit YUMPU to give the online Reduce PDF Size software a spin. The process is extremely simple. All you have to do is upload your PDF file to the site and the software will begin the compression process.

The good news is that although the file is reduced, the formatting will not be destroyed and you don’t have to worry about fragmenting your document, which could mean having to create an entirely new document from scratch.

You can use the drag and drop feature or the browse feature to load your document into the software.

Exceptional Quality

With YUMPU Publishing being the top digital publisher in the world, they place a great deal of emphasis on quality. You will be able to see the fruit of their labor in the final product.

Ease of Use

One of the most common complaints among frequent software users is the fact that many programs are simply too complex to be useful. The last thing that you want is to spend half a day figuring out how to work with the software. You will not have to worry about this with the online software at YUMPU. The user interface is clean, organized and exceptionally intuitive. Once you touch down on the site, you will be able to flow through the process with little effort.

Supports all OS Platforms

Another common problem with most software is that it is operation system specific. This online system works through your browser which means it is compatible with any operating system, including Linux, Windows, and Mac. Simply log in with your favorite browser and go to work.

While we are on the subject of operating systems, you will be happy to know that this program will not drain your system’s resources. Most compression software programs will use your system’s resources to perform the compression task, but with the system at YUMPU Publishing, the entire compression process is carried out on cloud servers so that your system’s performance will not be negatively impacted.

You don’t have to worry about security because your file is deleted immediately after the process is completed and no one will have access to it. You can reduce the size of your PDF in a matter of minutes without any of the hassles historically associated with the PDF compression process.

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