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Catalog Maker ⇒ Showcase products in flippable online catalogs!

Catalog Maker ⇒ Showcase products in flippable online catalogs!

Customers love online catalogs, so companies should know how to create and use an online catalog these days. This catalog maker software helps business owners showcase their top products in one elegant document. The document offers page-turning functions and makes customers feel like they are reading a high-quality print catalog. Business owners don’t need to have or acquire Flash programming skills to create beautiful catalogs that their customers will love. At YUMPU Publishing, you can upload a PDF file and you can see how the file converts to a flippable online catalog. This online catalog maker reduces the cost of creating print catalogs. This enables companies to better pass savings on to their customers.

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What does the catalog maker offer?

With the software, YUMPU Publishing, customers can easily access online catalogs using smartphones, tablets, and laptops. You no longer have to worry about ordering a catalog or paying small fees to view a company’s latest products. An online flip book also contains links that make it easy for customers to purchase the products they want. These are the functions that the software offers:

  • Flippable PDF

  • Publish documents globally

  • Reach millions of readers weekly

  • Embed the catalog into your websites & blogs

  • Optimized social sharing, easy to share on Facebook, Twitter & Co.

  • Optimized for all mobile devices

  • Search engine optimized

  • Publish in 70 languages

  • Zoom settings adjustable

If you want more functions, you should definitely take a look at the adFREE-Plan. This offers so many functions that you will love it. With the adFREE-Plan you can get more features like:

  • 5 magazine uploads per day

  • own player branding

  • HD quality

  • Link your products inside of the catalog directly to your webshop

  • Integration of audio and video files

  • No advertisements

  • Ad-free embedding in websites & blogs

  • Catalog statistics in Google Analytics

  • Secure link for sharing

  • Password protection of catalogs

  • Reading reviews and blurred pages

  • Cross-links inside catalogs

  • Creation of promo videos out of catalogs

  • Activate/deactivate social sharing

When you add a link to your catalog, your customers are taken to the company’s website. Customers often want to buy items as soon as they see them in a catalog. By using a flipbook, you can get a customer to buy the product as soon as they see it.

Add Special Effects to Flash Page Flip Brochures

The catalog maker YUMPU Publishing features special effects options that improve the appearance of online catalogs. Business owners can customize a cover style and add shadowing to pages. Scrolling effects can be added to the free online catalog creator to make browsing images pleasurable and easy. These special effects improve the page-turning experience for customers because they feel like they are reading a real book.

A catalog maker also gives customers the option to choose a variety of languages for the blip book. Business owners expand their customer base by tailoring a catalog to the specific language of a customer.

The adFREE-Plan gives the opportunity to enable a company logo to be added to an online flipbook. The company logo adds legitimacy to the publication and ensures customers that they are reading a reputable catalog. Customers may feel more comfortable purchasing products from a catalog featuring a company logo and “guaranteed satisfaction” clause.

Share the Online Catalog with your Customers

Business owners expand their ability to reach customers when they use online catalogs. You also have the option of forwarding catalogs on your own Social Media Account like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Create Impressive Documents with High-Quality Photos

An online catalog features high-quality and impressive images of a company’s products. When a business owner uses print catalogs to promote products, the images may not contain accurate coloring. Low-definition photos may fail to spark a customer’s interest.

Online catalogs, on the other hand, feature high-definition photos that clearly convey the characteristics of a product. For products like clothing or makeup, the definition of a photo matters. You can add this to your catalog with the adFREE-Plan and fascinate your readers.

A photo must clearly convey the accurate coloring of a shade of lipstick. Otherwise, a customer may not purchase the product or will be dissatisfied upon receiving the product. You may even use a slideshow effect to give customers the option of quickly scrolling through product photos. Customers appreciate this additional effect. Especially if you have a busy schedule and want to quickly select the products that you need.

Eliminate Costs of Production and Pass On Savings to Customers

Ultimately, using YUMPU Publishing to create online catalogs puts business owners in a position to pass on savings to customers.

Business owners do not have to feel forced to set a price for the purchase of a catalog. They may also pass on savings to customers by providing coupons or discounts within the catalog.

Customers may have greater incentives to purchase products that feature a discount. They will also be more likely to view products in a catalog that is free.

Customers love online catalogs. If your business is not currently using online catalogs, it may be time to use this software.

With YUMPU Publishing you can create a free catalog that helps businesses to create low-cost online catalogs with high-definition photos.

Capture the interest of your customers by creating an intriguing catalog to feature the latest products of your company.


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