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E-Magazine Software that brings you new Readers and Sales!

E-Magazine Software that brings you new Readers and Sales!

I am always brainstorming ideas to make my online writing portfolio more enticing – after all, there is an infinite number of personal portfolios swarming the digital arena, so it’s imperative to find interesting twists that will help mine shine. I have had the idea to include an E-Magazine publication on my site for quite some time now, however, this is how I used the e Magazine software YUMPU Publishing to solve the problem. YUMPU is a platform where creativity has a home in which to grow to its full potential. A #1 source for digital publishing, it is designed to assist even those with zero experience when it comes to e-publishing.

Three Easy Steps To Use The E-Magazine Software

YUMPU Publishing caters to all kinds of devices including desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, and more. That being said let’s take a look at the 3 practically effortless steps to blast off your e-Paper:

1. Register on YUMPU Publishing

2. Upload your PDF

3. Choose a title and a description for your e-Magazine

Et voila! In just minutes, you’ve got the beginnings of a stunning E-Magazine and are set to embark on the exciting, and most efficient way to morph that digital publication into an irresistible piece of work for drawing hundreds of onlookers.

The best part of the YUMPU Publishing experience is having an army of support to guide. The program allows you to choose up to five extensively experienced experts out of a group of hand-plucked strategists straight from the site’s “Concept Feedback Community”. There are hundreds of concept categories to choose from, so you can receive feedback, constructive criticism, kudos, and step-by-step direction for enhancing every element of your digital paper including logos, marketing materials, mailers and posters, applications, landing pages, interfaces, mockups and more.

Five Tips for Designing and Publishing Your e-Paper

1. Equip yourself with a support network that can offer guidance without wasting time, but getting straight to the point when it comes to building your e-Magazine.

2. Begin by paying it forward. Before you can assemble your support troop, you’ll need to assist five of your fellow YUMPU Publishing members by offering them some of your own constructive feedback. After all, if you didn’t have a significant amount of ideas about creating an enthralling work, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. So share your thoughts, and be ready to have that good deed returned in no time.

3. Create a site that is easy on the user’s eyes. Clear your ePaper of clutter by simplifying your presentation. That means fewer distractions in the form of extraneous icons, images, links and other elements not specific to your e-Magazine’s objectives. Each page you create should be characterized by a clear focus and a well-defined direction so your users don’t feel lost but rather carried along a distinct, smooth, easy-to-navigate path.

4. Stay focused when it comes to design. Designing your site might be the most fun part of the creative process. However, this can also lead to implementing design elements that stray from your brand. Keep your customer in mind by inserting an intuitive user interface and creating a space that echoes your brand and objective. For instance, if you are authoring a site for helping new parents, your focus should be on designing a place where parents can feel comfortable, understood, and eventually secure enough to bookmark your site – and then purchase items. Basically, your goal here is to drive action.

5. Make it easy for customers to take that action. The best way to do this is in a simple, direct fashion. Whether it be in the form of a phone number or email address, a sign-up form, or a big fat bright orange button exclaiming “Purchase Now”, the method in which your customers can take the next step needs to as obvious as can be. Remember, oftentimes when a customer is ready to buy, you are offered only a small window of opportunity to make that happen – so make it clear, concise, and easy, lest your customer is distracted, change their mind and maybe even stray to a different site.

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Welcome to YUMPU!

My name is Belinda Reiler.

I am very excited to begin my second year at YUMPU! What I really love about is that everyone - without any technical knowledge - can create amazing looking online magazines!

What do we offer:

  • Create flippable PDF for free
    Start now and create and publish your own flippable magazine in just a few minutes!

  • Solutions for everyone
    Create page flipping publications online. From beginners package to your own WEBKiosk and your own APP – there is a solution for everyone.

What our customers say:

"YUMPU convinced us with easy handling and a competitive price. YUMPU offers great performance and support. Other companies have to adjust to compete with it."


"I love the whole idea of YUMPU and especially the people behind it, which I previously got to know! I am happy to recommend YUMPU."


Satisfied customers tweet:

We’re using for 2 months now. Their service is head and shoulders above what other ePaper websites have to offer.

If you want your publication to look professional, visually stunning & expensive, you should consider #YUMPU free service.


I have been looking for a couple of days now at the different aspects of where to host my magazines, wins all the time