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Video Marketing » 10 Top Video Marketing Ideas For The Business

Video Marketing » 10 Top Video Marketing Ideas For The Business

The retrieval of video content via the Internet already accounts for 75% of all traffic on the Internet. The video marketing platform YouTube is the second largest search engine in the western world after Google. This raises the question of whether companies can still afford to do without video formats and video advertising? If you don’t take advantage of the opportunity, you can lose a lot of potential customers. The best strategies and ideas especially for companies can be found here. And how to use and implement them most effectively with YUMPU Publishing.

Video Advertising and Marketing

Small businesses are wondering how to approach video. Companies are trying to give this format a place in advertising. It is important to discuss the basic information about video marketing and address important actions.

The most important facts on the topic

  • 80% of all visitors watch a short video to the end

  • 75% of all users look at the company’s website after a video

  • 74% the viewer’s understanding of a product increases

  • 30% of the time spent online is spent watching videos

  • 25% look for more information after watching a video

  • 20% of visitors read a written article to the end

  • Internet users watch video advertisements for 16 minutes per month

  • It takes 13 milliseconds to capture the meaning of video images – faster than hearing or reading!

  • 12% of people who watch a video buy the product immediately afterward

  • #1 – after Google, the video platform YouTube is the largest search engine in the western world!

Here is another graphic to illustrate

The most important facts and figures about video marketing
The most important facts and information about video marketing

How you present and what you present is important

The video should have these basic characteristics in order to be successful today!

  • Look and act professional

  • Stay focused on the target audience

  • Report in an informative and exciting way

  • Create fascination with a desire for more

  • Encouraging users to want to learn more

  • Better to convince people to buy and order

How to optimally use video marketing in advertising

The great thing about video advertising is that there are no limits to how this technique can be used. There are so many different formats that you can use. It is necessary to know the topic in order to choose the right way to convey an advertising message.

The top 10 tips will help you use the video format effectively to reach potential customers.

Here are the top 10 video marketing tips and how to use them
  1. Live product demo
    The listener should be shown how the product works by using and demonstrating it live in front of the camera. Have the website, product page, etc. ready in the video description.

  2. Learning or “how to do” video
    The video should show how something works or how you can build something. Afterwards you should give away or sell an e-book or e-magazine with the details for self-replica.

  3. Screencast video
    Record the screen to show users how to design step by step on PC.

  4. Video animations
    Animations in videos often show a process that cannot be shown in real life. Animations offer the opportunity to convey this exciting content.

  5. “How we make it” video
    The listener should be shown how a product is made and which production processes are used to produce the high-quality product. “Behind the scenes” (behind the scenes and funny “whoops”) is content that makes people likeable.

  6. “About us” video
    Take a tour of the company with a video. Showing products shows trust. Today, this video form replaces the classic cover letter to the customer.

  7. Photo slide show video
    If you already have pictures and photos, you can put them together into a video. Supplemented with music and a short video sequence.

  8. Customer Interview video
    Have existing customers comment about the product or services. This type of video replaces the rating system and is very important when making purchasing decisions.

  9. Vlogging = blogging via video
    Bring his “articles” to the customer as a video. Vlogging is the next big thing!

  10. Welcome and farewell via video
    Greeting and saying goodbye to a potential customer is an important area.

These are the top 10 video marketing ideas
10 Top Video Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Video marketing with promotional videos from YUMPU Publishing

In the future, there will be no way around the topic of video marketing! If you want to reach prospects and customers, then you have to use this medium. You don’t always have to have new content produced for the advertising videos. You can often achieve a lot with existing content.

YUMPU Publishing shows what can already be done with existing brochures, magazines, journals and catalogues.

With YUMPU Publishing you can convert existing company magazines, brochures, periodicals or catalogs into digital flip magazines and advertising videos. You can then share them on YouTube and Facebook, Twitter & Co.!

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