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Create digital publications with this ultimate 10-point checklist ☆

Create digital publications with this ultimate 10-point checklist ☆

We’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. You can see what is a great success and which ideas are gradually being forgotten in digital publishing. YUMPU Publishing helps publishers create digital publications quickly and easily. Here you can see the first steps in digital publishing. A checklist for everyone to quickly and easily get started with digital publishing with YUMPU Publishing.

YUMPU Publishing’s ultimate checklist for digital publications:

  1. Proper naming of the publication

    This is an important point to keep in mind when creating digital publications. You have a brilliant idea for a magazine, a collection of brilliant articles and maybe a video. Now, though, you have to be careful that the name you choose to give to the publications is appropriate, unique, and inspiring.

  2. Description of the publication

    The description of the publication describes what it is about. One must be careful to be clear, concise, honest, simple, and effective. You have to make sure you clearly state the purpose of the publication. You have to tell the reader why you published the publication and what is inspiring.

  3. An appropriate category and language

    This point may sound perfectly logical. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure that the publication can be found in the right place on YUMPU Publishing. After all, it aims to attract new readers through ads with similar titles and publications. You have to take the time to look at each category and decide which category fits the content. You also have to think about the language in which you want to publish. And in which international areas you want to expand and where the topic is particularly well received.

  4. The right tags (keywords)

    The publication can be found and read more easily by many people by adding tags (keywords). You have to choose the right tags for the publication so that you can properly categorize the publication. The reader can find content through categorization or find out about the content.

  5. Build in interactive elements

    In digital publishing, you face stiff competition and you have a clear eye on those who are rising. The big hits are those that integrate multimedia elements. It is, therefore, necessary to plan the publications and ensure that there is an appropriate mix of the formats offered. You can embed videos, audio files, and links and integrate images with slide shows. The different types of content will bring the publication to life and readers will not get enough of it.

  6. Link and network

    It’s fascinating how by including links in the publications you can drive traffic to the publication. This traffic boosts the publication’s popularity with readers, which supports the title’s SEO. It’s really easy as pie and is the perfect way to connect with readers, advertisers, etc. But don’t forget that traffic flows in both directions. One should therefore make sure, wherever possible, to include links back to the publication.

  7. The right branding (brand name)

    The brand is the heart of your identity. The digital publications should look and sound like your own brand. With YUMPU Publishing one can use the design tool by choosing colors, font, and logo. With the adFREE plan, one can offer the readers a completely ad-free product. This means that you won’t see any additional logos or advertisers in or around the publication. The adFREE plan also offers unique privacy settings to share the publication with customized lists of subscribers. And while you’re at it, you can also offer your own individual WEBKiosk!

  8. Take advantage of social media

    Social media should not be seen as an additional, but rather as an essential marketing tool. Basically, for someone just taking their first steps in digital publishing, social media is an unimaginable advantage. With YUMPU Publishing it is very easy to use social media and thus achieve the best results. You can already post the publications on the corresponding social media pages immediately after publication. With YUMPU Publishing’s help, this process can be implemented quickly, easily, and effectively. Sharing your work on social media has the benefit of attracting more people to the publications. One should therefore use digital publications in social media.

  9. Usability

    If you want to publish the publication, then you should pay attention to user-friendliness. You have to deal with several questions. Will readers enjoy reading the publication? How easy will it be to navigate through the publication? This is not a problem with YUMPU Publishing, because responsive design is the standard at YUMPU Publishing. The publication is automatically readable on multiple devices. In addition, you can create a table of contents with internal links. The tactile and engaging page-turning feature can be used to keep the reader coming back.

  10. Facts and Statistics

    This point may not be a necessity when getting started with digital publishing. As soon as you start publishing on YUMPU Publishing, however, it is important that you use the products offered. You will be informed how often and for how long the digital publication will be read. You can also see how well it is received by the reader. In addition, one can use the data to see how the competition is doing and learn more about the sector.

The adFREE plan also allows you to track the publication’s clicks and views by connecting it to Google Analytics. It is important to be informed so that you can make the right decisions that promote healthy business growth.

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