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Create online Page Turn PDFs and embed them on your websites

Create online Page Turn PDFs and embed them on your websites

Would you like to publish your PDF online as an eMagazine? If you have distributed your PDFs via print up to now and now want to go in the digital direction because you want to protect nature, and need fewer resources such as raw materials, paper, ink, electricity, and personnel, then you should try the free and easy software YUMPU Publishing. On the platform, you can create your PDF as an ePaper with a page-flipping effect and publish it to multiple platforms with one click, even if you have no experience in web publishing.

Easy Page Turn PDF Published Online

With the media publisher YUMPU Publishing, you can easily upload your PDF document with a simple one-click upload and get instant access to a page-turned version of your ePaper, allowing you to flip through each page as if you were viewing the paper copy read your desk.

With the adFREE plan, you can even add interactive content such as videos, sound files, links, and images and thus design your ePaper multimedia with the Hotspot Editor and automatically or manually link to your own webshop.

Here is a step-by-step guide

  1. Register for free and easily on YUMPU Publishing

  2. Upload your PDF file and give your flippable ePaper a title, a description, and tags

  3. It’s already done. Now you can publish your ePaper on social media and embed it on your website or blog for additional visibility clicks.

Why Use this fantastic software?

  • Simplicity – With YUMPU Publishing you can easily create an interactive online magazine with page turning from any PDF document. You don’t have to be an online publishing expert to convert the magazine or catalog into an easy-to-read online format. All you have to do is create an account with YUMPU Publishing and upload a PDF file. You don’t need any technical knowledge or have to do anything. The software does everything to make the content easily accessible.

  • Unique rendering technology and fast loading times: PDF documents are usually quite large, which means that they are usually several MB in size. As a result, search engines cannot index this valuable content because the size limits the loading time of the PDF documents. As a result, these PDF documents cannot be indexed and are not placed in the search results. YUMPU Publishing has developed a special “rendering technology” in which the publication always appears in the index of Google and other search engines as soon as it is published. Of course, this means that you get thousands of additional prospects at no additional cost. In addition, we, YUMPU, provide a high-performance server infrastructure with excellent response times and very high bandwidth in addition to the unique rendering technology. The publications always have a top loading time and are always available. This is one of the most important indicators for indexing in search engines – constant stability.

  • Visibility – Availability: You can decide who can see the publications. You can host the documents just for yourself or a specific group. You can also publish all publications for all readers and interested parties. Define yourself whether the content can be downloaded, shared, or access is only permitted for a certain group of people.

  • Interactivity – In order for more attention to be paid to the online flippable PDF, it is essential to add interactive functions such as links, videos, audio, or images. Readers love it when interactive elements are built in. This is not possible in a static PDF, which is why a PDF quickly becomes boring. With the Hotspot Editor from YUMPU Publishing, however, it is possible to make the PDF magazine interactive. Adding interactive content is as easy as deciding what to add and where to place it.

  • Create ePaper and embed it on your own website/blog: With the valuable backlink from YUMPU Publishing, you can generate 3x more organic traffic. Quickly and easily embed the publication on your own website instead of downloading it as a PDF and distributing it in the form of a modern e-paper that can be flipped through. On average, embedded ePapers get 300% more reads than traditional PDF documents embedded on your website. The number of visitors/readers is significantly increased by embedding on your own website, since embedding on your website is “extra rewarded” by Google.

  • Optimization via Social Media Booster – Each flipbook created is suitable for sharing via social media and email. You can easily make the flipbook accessible via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. All you have to do is share it. This also gives you more clicks, more visibility, and more attention. Of course, you can also integrate it into the footer of the e-mails and distribute it that way.

  • Your own web kiosk: If you have a lot of PDF publications and would like to make them available in a sorted and optimized way, then YUMPU Publishing also offers this. With your own ePaper web kiosk you have the opportunity to display complete collections in an optimized way and link them to each other in an SEO-friendly way. An additional advantage over multiple individual embeds is that you can display them on a page with dozens of outputs without risking a loss of quality in terms of loading time because optimal loading times are crucial for indexing on Google and other search engines.

  • Own tailor-made publishing app solution: You can charge for your own publications and thereby open up new sources of income. Be it with reading samples for lead generation or push notifications to subscribers to self-defined user groups. You can easily and playfully store your own publications on the web account and exchange issues so that the issues in your own IOS or Android APP are up to date.

  • SupportVisit YUMPU Publishing’s support page for all the support you need. Be it uploading, questions about the products, questions about embedding, hotspot editor, prices, payment, etc. The support page will help you with all your questions. And if something should happen that the support page does not contain, then you are of course welcome to call the support at any time.

  • QR (Quick Response) code for your PDF publications: First of all you have to create the ePaper. You can then link it to your personal QR code. A QR code is automatically generated via YUMPU Publishing, which leads directly to the publications that you have uploaded. This ensures quick access via smartphone.

  • White Label – adFREE: You can create and publish the ePaper in “White Label”, which means that you can display advertising or embed it on your own homepage without advertising. You can choose which option you want.

Get Your PDF Published Online Today!

It’s that easy to protect the environment today. Easily create digital ePapers and stop the process of creating a new sheet of graph paper. Because this process requires 10 liters of water and causes 5 grams of harmful CO2. Because the production of paper is very energy-intensive and harmful to the environment. Digital paper (ePaper), on the other hand, conserves resources by over 85%. By using digital paper instead of conventional paper, you can make a valuable contribution to environmental protection. Share this insight with people who still distribute their catalogs or print publications in the traditional way.

So start setting up the PDF document today and uploading it to our platform and save the environment. As you already know, it only takes a few minutes to set up the account on YUMPU Publishing and upload the PDF. All fast, easy and free.

Jenny McClure
Jenny McClure

Can I create links within my magazine using the free account. e.g. to payment sites or Facebook

Belinda Reiler
Belinda Reiler

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for your comment and your question.

You cannot insert links into your magazine with the free account. But this works great with the Hotspot Editor, which you can find in the adFREE plan. The adFREE plan is really good if you want to create links to payment sites etc., you can also use other features e.g. to make money from your magazine. Try the adFREE plan and see for yourself.

Best regards

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