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Mobile Internet use with the in-store experience in 4 steps

Mobile Internet use with the in-store experience in 4 steps

People use the Internet to find out about products and prices in advance. This is nothing new. Nowadays, customers in a shop look at product ratings and shop ratings on their smartphones. This allows them to find out about best-price offers. This is new customer behavior. Mobile internet usage is indispensable. Companies can ensure that more customers interact with the company with online magazines that can be created on YUMPU Publishing.

Mobile internet use – studies

According to in-depth studies by IMRG and eDigitalResearch, 70% of visitors entering a store have their smartphone with them. What is interesting is what the visitors then use their smartphones for in the shop.

How do in-store visitors use their smartphones?

  • 47% use it as a “showroom” to search for products or read reviews about products themselves.

  • 39% use it to compare prices of a product directly on the Internet.

  • 31% only start finding out about a product they like when they are in the store.

  • 29% use it to order out-of-stock products elsewhere.

  • 28% research the product itself before making a purchase in-store.

  • 18% use it to shop online because the waiting time in the shop is too long for them.

Mobile Internet use - how smartphone owners use their cell phones in a shop
Use of mobile phone owners in the shop

What does this behavior tell us and how can shop operators react to it?

These studies show that there is a direct relationship between mobile use and in-store purchases. Mobile advertising channels, for example, interactive sales brochures, can thus lead to a purchase process. Even if the visitor doesn’t end up shopping at the checkout in the shop!

Sales experts recommend the following counter-strategies

  1. Offer free WiFi

    If you offer the customer free WLAN, the customer has better reception. In this way, the customer can optimally display mobile content. It is important to draw attention to this “more service” in the shop! At the same time, you have a good opportunity to get the customer’s e-mail address. Then you can place a great offer or offer the newsletter service! Mobile Internet use with free WiFi, who doesn’t like that when you’re on the go.
    Mobile Internet use with free WLAN in the shopFree WiFi in the shop

  2. Offer iPads in stores

    More and more shops are starting to offer their visitors iPads. These show the assortment of the shop and offer a direct ordering option.

    While the visitor surfs the web on the iPad in the shop, he also has no way of using his smartphone! This is a very interesting and clever strategy for dealing with the visitor’s mobile Internet use.

    + Interactive company brochures, e-papers, and flip catalogs directly on the iPad promote sales and make you want to explore the range of goods. To do this, you should first create an online flip catalog. It is also a great opportunity for shop operators to bring customers closer to the latest offers online.

    + Goods that are already sold out in the store can still result in a “sale” thanks to a mobile shopping assistant. The goods are available and can be ordered in the online shop.

    + Some companies offer tablets in the changing rooms. This allows the customer to see directly whether the desired size is available in the online shop.

    + Matching other parts and accessories are displayed for the garment you have just tried on.

  3. Equip your salespeople with iPads

    Salespeople in modern boutiques or shops are increasingly turning into active sales consultants or shopping assistants. With the support of iPads, stocks and sizes can be determined in seconds and additional items, e.g. B. Display and sell blouses with skirts or matching jackets and bags. As a sales consultant, you help the customer to make a better purchase decision and show that you are optimally looked after. “A strong argument for in-store sales!”
    Use tablets in the shop

    In summary, it can be stated that mobile Internet use via iPad helps use in business:
    + The customer is helped with his purchase decision

    + Provide more information about desired products

    + Make online purchases of products that are currently not available

    + Point out other related articles and offers – additional sales!

    The in-shop customer will appreciate this new service as a great and classified new shopping experience. That means:

    • The customer noticeably receives better and more personal service.

    • He does not have to put up with long waiting times at the cash registers.

    • The customer receives products that are actually sold out. Ordering is made easier.

    And in the end, there is a very important change for the shop owner himself. Customers experience shopping in a completely new way and the sales figures increase!
    Walmart Pay AppWalmart Pay-APP

  4. Use Mobile APP

    47% of top retailers now have their own mobile app and website. Whether this effort is worth it, however, depends on the size, distribution, and possible branches that you operate.

    With the “Scan & Go” APP from “Walmart” they tested how to handle the sales process in-store. Customers can start the Walmart APP and scan and pay for the purchased products themselves with their smartphone. Long queues at the checkout for the payment process are no longer necessary!

    Walmart Chief of Mobile Strategy, Gibu Thomas had a statement on this. “Customers who use the Walmart APP buy more and spend 40% more on average. In the B2C as well as in the B2B area we were able to increase our sales!” Thomas continued: “Almost 10% of our online sales take place in-store! Our customers love shopping and paying when, where, and how they want it!”

    Of course, many shop owners and smaller retailers can’t compare themselves to giants like Walmart. These developments show which strategies and technologies are used to meet customers with new services. Also how to achieve the highest possible conversion rate through direct ordering and shopping by customers.


Observe customers, family members, relatives, and acquaintances with shopping habits and listen carefully on the social media channels. Reach out to customers and find out which service they like and what the benefit is.

Customers compare prices on the Internet and draw the customer’s attention to the excellent customer service. Don’t let the customer go without doing anything and try to fulfill the customer’s wishes.

Ensure that customers also have the opportunity to buy the desired product in-store. Converting interactive company brochures, and printed brochures into a flip magazine or a digital publication with YUMPU Publishing – no problem. And the good thing is that you can use them to promote sales.

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