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Digital publication that will help you with these 5 ways to success

Digital publication that will help you with these 5 ways to success

It is not known exactly how long the phrase “content is king” has been in use. What is known for sure, however, is that the statement is as true today as it was in the past. What you write, how you consume it, and where you share it is essential. The world is digital. How you share information has fundamentally changed. The same applies to digital publication and thus the publishing of magazines. YUMPU Publishing has been in digital publishing for a while and has learned a lot about online readers. The platform encourages brands to engage with customers in interesting and different ways. Digital publications with the help of YUMPU Publishing, therefore, lead to more reach and more sales.

Digital Publication

If you work on the basis that “content is king”, you must not forget that digital publications have become indispensable. With this principle in mind, in order to create successful publications, one should know and implement the five key reasons. Digital publishing offers a very high added value for your own brand and for the company.

What are the 5 reasons why digital publishing is a success?

  1. Create diversity

    If you invest in magazines, catalogs, or brochures, you have to be careful to maximize the ROI for your own brand. For this, one must take the readers into account. You have to think about how to encourage them to engage more with the content and the brand.

    Millions of readers visit the YUMPU Publishing platform every day. With the services offered, you can reach even more readers with the publications. Digital publications are accessible from anywhere in the world. So there are readers waiting to read and share the content.

    So if you use YUMPU Publishing in the field of digital publishing, you will reach a new group of readers. One can create digital publications for free with the FREE plan. If you want to achieve additional reach, you can also opt for the adFREE plan or the WEBKiosk plan.

  2. Breathe life into the content

    The written word is becoming increasingly important. People always enjoy reading. However, the way people around the world consume information has fundamentally changed. Gone are the days of compelling stories and mesmerizing visuals. To succeed in publishing today, you have to make sure that digital publications have to do more than just look good. Today you have to educate the readers, fascinate them with interactivity and provide one or the other enlightenment.

    Publications created with YUMPU Publishing can be enriched with interactive content. You can embed videos in the publications and thus animate the pages and breathe life into the work and the brand. You can also add an audio track to the digital publications. The stories are told to stimulate the imagination of the consumers. And to further promote interactivity, you can also embed image galleries and links.

    As you can see, the interactivity of the content in digital publishing is an important point for success. After all, it attracts new readers and keeps you engaged and ultimately remembered. All of this offers the readers great added value.

  3. Share on social networks

    Even as a child we were taught that sharing is important. This childhood lesson is also beneficial for those who want to create digital publications. Nowadays you have to make sure that you not only share the magazines yourself but that readers share them too. Preferably as simple as possible.

    You have to encourage people to share and enjoy digital publications.

    With YUMPU Publishing you can share the created digital publications on Facebook, Twitter, and Co. at the same moment. And that is at the moment when you convert the PDFs into online publications. So posting a PDF on Facebook is not that difficult.

    If you contact the readers via e-mail, you can easily link to the publications. As a result, your own brand is just a click away from readers.

  4. Responsive

    It’s one thing to publish the publication digitally and another to make sure the publications are responsive.

    How readers interact with digital publications and the brand has changed fundamentally in recent years.

    Smartphones and tablets have become the preferred devices that readers use to access the content of digital publications. When publishing, you have to make sure that the content is easily visible on all end devices.

    YUMPU Publishing does all this automatically while ensuring brand security in the mobile age.

  5. Enhance website

    The added value is an important advantage. Digital publications, brands, and companies are very important when having an embedded publication for any blog or website.

    The unique quality of the ePaper with the page-turning function adds a tactile element to the website. It allows readers to delve even deeper into the words, videos, and images.

    Using the digital publishing platform means you can rest assured that any publication you embed will look amazing.


Create a digital publication on YUMPU Publishing and fully exploit the potential – great.

With the products on offer such as the FREE plan, adFREE plan, WEBKiosk plan, PROKiosk, and APPKiosk plan, one has a wide choice.

Digital publishing is a great way to unlock the true value of your brand.


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