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Online publications and WEBKiosks that will amaze you

Online publications and WEBKiosks that will amaze you

Using small adjustments to the publications, fully exploit the potential of the brand and achieve big changes? There is not any? Yes, there is! You can easily create online publications and reach many readers. It is a fact that the more compelling the publication is, meaning the more life you breathe into the publication, the more popular the online publication becomes. If you also have an associated WEBKiosk that flaunts your own branding and design, then followers will follow you everywhere!

Online publications

There are some examples of online publications and web kiosks that you can see make a really good impression on YUMPU Publishing.

Storytelling with picture galleries – Südkurier

Here’s an online publication from the Südkurier that makes good use of the Hotspot Editor to include image galleries. It’s a great example of how to bring a community newspaper to life. The standard articles in the digital newspaper look lively and captivating. Additionally, in some news articles, you can display picture galleries with different images that make the articles stand out and immerse the reader even more into the publication. Image galleries are an easy way to bring publications to life and add that wow factor.


Online publication “Südkurier – Heimat”

Bringing the brand to life – Doppelmayr

The big industry is crying out for big marketing and a brand that can be consumed in different digital formats and that is popular. This detailed and compelling online publication from world-renowned company Doppelmayr is the perfect example of multimedia embedding in a YUMPU Publishing publication. The magazine was designed to bring complex engineering stories to life in stunning locations. The publication creates the effect through numerous videos and picture galleries. These inspire the reader and make them read more of the multimedia publications and share them with friends. The videos allow readers to delve deeper into stories that might otherwise not have had the same impact.


Online publication “Doppelmayr”

WEBKiosk examples

Here are a few more examples of what a WEBKiosk can look like.

Elegant and Unique – Bold

The lifestyle sector is one of the magazine sectors with the greatest competition. Trends come and go so quickly that only brands that are truly unique will be able to assert themselves in the future. The magazine “Bold” took this to heart and designed a unique and elegant WEBKiosk with YUMPU Publishing. In her private online kiosk, “Bold” has full control over her own shelves, design, and branding. This allows Bold to ensure that content looks good like photos. The WEBKiosk inspires self-confidence because it is really designed with the future in mind. The cost is €79 per month.

Bold Webkiosk

Online publication “Bold”

Always Running – Running MAN

Runners follow their leaders and trust winners. To capture the attention and earn the trust of hard-training athletes, magazines for runners must first outperform the competition. By creating its own branded WEBKioske, “Laufen DE” has created a hub specifically for runners. Readers keep coming back as “Laufen DE” has established a branded and personalized WEBKiosk that they recognize and trust through its authors, who compile only the best information. In addition, they use the WEBKiosk as a place where they feel safe and where they can get in touch with each other. Subscriptions and private reader groups can be managed safely and easily.

Laufen Webkiosk

A world of its own – Salzburger Sportwelt

Tourists begin their vacation when they start looking for their next vacation destination on the internet. The “Salzburger Sportwelt” recognized the opportunity and built up a brand relationship with the brochure readers right from the start. And then created a WEBKiosk with all the brochures and information. WEBKiosk is packed with bespoke publications that will make readers fall in love with the brand.

Salzburger Sportwelt Webkiosk


Online publications are more popular than ever because they increase engagement and provide readers with an exceptional reading experience.

If a company is not yet using the advantages of digital online content, then it is time to change that.

With YUMPU Publishing it is possible to become a part of the online world and let the brand stand out from the crowd! Leafing through catalogs online is the future.

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