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Digital Publishing App from YUMPU Publishing where you can reach more readers and customers

Digital Publishing App from YUMPU Publishing where you can reach more readers and customers

The new versions of the digital publishing app for iOS and Android are finally out to reach more readers. The own, personalized app allows the publications to be made available to the readers easily and in optimal readability. However, apps are complex and expensive to develop and maintain. With the offer from YUMPU Publishing, you immediately get a finished app that offers numerous attractive functions that you can easily customize.

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What is the Digital Publishing APP?

A digital publishing app fits seamlessly into the existing sales channels and opens up an additional, broad readership. This works through cross-channel and cross-device communication.

You benefit from very close customer loyalty, because you can monetize the app with in-app purchases of individual issues and subscriptions. This creates an additional source of income.

The publications are always displayed in the correct size on tablets and smartphones. Mobile devices have long accounted for the majority of Internet users. It is therefore worthwhile to offer the reader the best possible experience with a modern app.

What can you do in the APP?

Publications can be browsed in the app and downloaded with one click – for free or for a fee. With push notifications, you can keep users up to date at all times.

Thanks to real-time updates and fast transmission, changes can be viewed immediately in the app. A search function, practical bookmarks, and easy readability in a text-only version ensure a pleasant reading experience.

You can choose the design and name of the app yourself. Adapting to your own corporate design is very easy. Of course, you get support from the YUMPU Publishing Support Team at any time.

The YUMPU publishing app is therefore the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to offer your own app without any programming effort.

Features of the improved YUMPU APP

  • A quick search function that allows readers to search the entire APPKiosk. Also within publications to immediately download the corresponding issue.

  • Push notifications to keep readers informed of new publications and changes. This increases the app usage rate and strengthens customer loyalty.

  • Individual, freely selectable APPKiosk design. App elements can be colored via drag and drop to adapt them to your own corporate design. This white label solution increases the company’s recognition value and ensures a uniform brand image.

  • Stable servers ensure fast loading times and high resilience for many publications. You can be sure that customers can browse and buy the publications in a relaxed manner, even at peak times.

  • Fast transmission and fast rendering of the publications ensure that the user has the desired reading material in front of his eyes quickly. This increases app user satisfaction.

  • The offline reading option offers additional flexibility. Readers can download selected publications and then read them anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection.

  • Thanks to real-time updates, all changes are immediately visible in the app. The real-time transmission ensures that the app is always up to date.

  • With the Reader Authorizations option, you can define different reader groups and adjust the offer accordingly. Publications can be displayed “blurred” to unregistered users. Full access is then only possible with a login.

  • Bookmarks offer readers more interactivity. You can remember certain content so that you can quickly call it up again later. This function creates optimal user comfort.

  • The app allows you to easily switch between landscape format with double page view and portrait format with single page view. The user can thus decide for himself which view is most suitable.

  • Text extraction option allows readers to view text unformatted and without images. This can improve readability because the reader is not distracted by images, colors, or structure.

  • With app in app you can link directly to different APP kiosks within an app. This gives readers a direct link to other APPKiosks.

  • Integrated terms and conditions and data protection declaration offer legal protection for in-app purchases.

  • It is possible to unlock individual purchases and put them up for sale through the store. In addition, you can create subscriptions with a predefined duration. App users can complete these directly in the app and automatically unlock the content for the period of time. In this way you can optimally tap the entire traffic and generate sales.

Download the YUMPU Showcase app for free and test your own APPKiosk

The new showcase apps from YUMPU Publishing can now be found in the app stores. Download for free and see what your own publications can look like with a link in your individual YUMPU Publishing account.

Let the functions of the mobile solution from YUMPU Publishing convince you. Sign up for free.

Step-by-step instructions for using the Showcase app
  • Install the YUMPU Publishing APPKiosk App on your device.

  • Navigate to the APPKiosk settings of your YUMPU Publishing account and create a new APPKiosk by clicking on “Add an APPKiosk”.

  • Select the “Scan Code” option from the “Tasks” drop-down list.

  • Use a mobile device and scan the displayed QR code. In the system menu of the YUMPU Publishing app, one just has to click on the available option “Scan code”.

  • The app then opens with the magazines and you can test the app functions.

You can customize the design for the APPKiosk in your individual YUMPU Publishing account (MANAGE APPKIOSK – Tasks – Formatting). At least one collection can also be linked to the APPKiosk (My collections – Edit – Link collection – select the relevant APPKiosk).

➡ iOS showcase app

➡ Android showcase app


You finally want to inspire your readership with a mobile app and have become curious?

Has the enormous effort or lack of technical know-how kept you from offering your own app?

The perfect solution is the YUMPU Publishing app! Become part of the mobile world!

Arrange consulting now!

Are you already using the YUMPU Publishing APP? With advanced features, you can now engage and delight your readers.

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Kevin Jones

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