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What is a Flipbook? – The best software to create a Flipbook

What is a Flipbook? – The best software to create a Flipbook

If you ever wondered “What is a Flipbook?” Keep on reading. It has never been easier or more convenient than it is now to create your own interactive Flipbook publication. Those who are interested in creating a Flipbook in form of an eMagazine or eCatalog, but are not sure about how to go about the process of making one, should look no further than YUMPU Publishing. The software gives users from around the world the ability to upload their own PDF files for conversion into an online flipbook. Now you are able to grow your magazine and gain a larger following without any technological or conversion experience needed.

What is a Flipbook?

A flipbook is more commonly known as an online magazine. Rather than spending the money that it takes to start a paper magazine or catalog, you may opt to take your publication online for absolutely no start-up cost at all. Online publications are also easily able to gain a larger following when uploaded to YUMPU. After creating and designing your magazine in a PDF file, it can be uploaded in a matter of minutes right to the YUMPU website. The PDF file is then converted without any changes being made to the quality or content of the material, to a flipbook.

This means that you are able to scroll through the pages of your magazine right from your internet browser. A great advantage of using YUMPU is that you do not need to have any experience in converting files, uploading files to create an ePaper or search engine optimization for reaching millions of potential readers.

How to Upload Your Flipbook

Uploading your flippable PDF file to YUMPU is simple. By navigating your computer for your magazine or catalog that is currently in PDF format, you can begin the uploading process. Users will then be prompted to either create a new YUMPU account, log in with their current account or make an account linked to their social networking profile such as their Facebook page.

After activating your account, your PDF file is immediately uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Best of all, this can be done absolutely free. This free and popular web application converts your PDF to an eMagazine in a four-step process. All links, text and images are extracted from your PDF during the upload for top-notch optimization of your publication in web search engines.

Gaining a Following

It has never been easier than it is now to reach millions of readers that may be interested in your publication without having to do any work. First and foremost, social media integration enables viewers to post links to the publication via the click of a button directly to their Facebook pages, Pinterest, Twitter and even embedded on to their own website.

In addition to listing your eCatalog or eMagazine directly on the YUMPU Publishing website, search engine optimization is also used to rank your flipbook higher in search rankings. You will receive reports weekly regarding your current number of readers and more. Rather than letting your PDF magazine sit idle on your computer, you are now able to show your work and passion with the world in a beautiful, modern and fantastic format that takes only minutes to complete.

Free and Paid Packages

When you begin to upload your brand new flipbook, you are able to either take advantage of the free services that are available or opt for paid packages that include additional perks and features. For example, the adFREE package option removes all advertisements from your interactive magazine for a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience.

The WEBKiosk package adds in your own online kiosk which can be used for managing your publications, designs and to create custom bookshelves for your convenience. The APPKiosk incorporate additional features such as your own iPhone and iPad application, the ability to manage chapters, InApp full text search capability, a manageable sidebar, image layers, link ins and more. Free support is also available for you when you need it the most. The possibilities are endless when you choose to publish and manage your PDF flipbook through YUMPU.

Tips for Creating a Flipbook

After answering the question “What is a Flipbook”, it is important to ensure that your content will appeal to a mass market of potential readers. No eMagazine would be complete without attractive images that draw in readers from the very front cover to the last page of the publication. Ensure that the content of the magazine is plentiful which will leave readers coming back to enjoy future issues and additional publications that you create. Most importantly, to create a great flipbook, you will want to write about things that are important to you and that interest you.

YUMPU Publishing is here to help make your dreams become a reality. Share your publications with the world with no experience or training needed.

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