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Instant Flipbook - It is easy and absolutely free

Instant Flipbook -It is easy and absolutely free

Content powers communication and communication facilitates enrichment. It is this enrichment that many businesses and freelancers are using to build strong and lasting relationships with their customer base and target audience. It has long been understood that content drives customer engagement, especially targeted relevant content. The methodology of disseminating content is an ever-evolving process. When you look at the marketing strategies of just five years ago placed juxtaposed to the innovative approaches being used today, they seem light-years apart. One method that has gained a great deal of traction is the use of flipbooks. Flipbooks are an engaging way to provide relevant content that is reflective of the quality and standards that you want to be associated with your name or brand. YUMPU Publishing, the world’s leader in Instant Flipbook publications offers an exceptional service when it comes to converting your PDF into an Instant Flipbook.

Defining the Concept of an Instant Flipbook

Although flipbooks are quite a hot concept now, I don’t want to assume that you understand the concept in full or in part, so I will take a brief moment to explain it. The cool thing is that the concept is very simple. A flip book is an online digital book that is similar to traditional eBooks and eMagazines, except for the fact the book has more vivid and interactive features than the traditional eBook.

Where the majority of eBooks allow you to navigate through pages by sliding the page up and down or right to left, flip books allow you to flip pages in the same fashion that you would if you were flipping through a book with paper pages. The book even has the sound of pages flipping. It creates familiarity to an old process, while providing the conveniences of new technology. The book can also have other animations integrated into it.

Access and Capacity

One of the issues that many individuals and businesses face is the belief that they cannot afford to have a flipbook published, or they believe that they don’t have the knowledge and skills to publish one. Both of these concerns are understandable. In the past, creating anything online required in-depth knowledge of multiple coding languages and hosting protocol. Hiring someone that had this type of knowledge was often every expensive. However, the advancement in technology and software design has created the opportunity for the average person to be extremely functional in completing numerous tasks on the web.

YUMPU is leading the charge in providing the tools necessary to allow individuals and businesses to create content in flipbook form for a number of reasons. With the innovative software at, you can literally create a flipbook in three minutes or less. As far as cost is concerned, YUMPU offers several plans that are designed for every budget, even the budget that has a zero on the bottom line. That is correct, YUMPU Publishing offers a free plan that provides unlimited Instant Flipbook creations.

Uses and Purposes

The possible uses and purposes for a flipbook are infinite. One of the simplest uses is for authors to promote their work. One of the best ways to promote a book is to place it online where readers can either sample it or read the entire book. The book can’t be downloaded, so it won’t negatively impact your download sales. It does, however, provide the exposure to your content allowing people to take a look inside of who the author is and the type of work that they do. YUMPU is a great platform on which to host your Instant Flipbook. They have millions of readers that browse their collection of flippable books on a regular basis, exposing your work to multitudinous readers.

Marketers and business owners can use these books to create highly relevant content for their customer base or target audience. Relevant content has been proven to be an extremely effective way to engage your target audience without being intrusive. This creates the foundation for building a lasting relationship.

With the software available at, the possibilities that are available for the creative mind to explore are almost endless.

Ancillary Flipbook Benefits

When you host your instant flipbook on YUMPU Publishing, you not only expose it to the millions of readers that explore that sight on a regular basis, but you also get to benefit from the exceptional job that YUMPU does with their SEO efforts. This means that your flippable book will be searchable on all major search engines, including Google. If you have ever attempted to master SEO, you are aware of just how difficult that can be. Well, with hosting your flippable book on, you will be able to benefit from great SEO without having to struggle with attempting to do it on your own.

YUMPU also provides social media integration that allows anyone to share or like your work on a number of different social media platforms. No matter what purpose is driving you to use flipbooks as a source of content, creating an instant flipbook at is the answer.

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