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What is a Flipbook & Flipbook Tutorial – Example inside

What is a Flipbook & Flipbook Tutorial – Example inside

What is a Flipbook? Flipbooks are also called eMagazines, and eCatalogs can be the perfect solution to show off your products and services to the world. They could be the key to getting your creative word out to millions of online readers. If you ever wondered how you could create an amazing online magazine or catalog without having extensive technical knowledge, then you do not need to worry any longer. YUMPU Publishing has the perfect solution for your creative ideas. You can make a flipbook in a matter of minutes, and the best part about it is that it is free. You can never go wrong with free.

What is a Flipbook? Here’s an Example!

A flipbook goes by many other names such as 3D PDF and interactive PDF. A flipbook is a series of pictures and other information that is arranged in an exciting flippable fashion. Viewers can skip from one image-filled page to another just by pressing a button on the screen. The images that they see are three-dimensional, vibrant and expressive. A flippable PDF is the perfect format to layout crucial visual information such as product pages, article images, and sports highlights. YUMPU makes Flipbook creation seem easy. Its simple four-step process can have your material ready to go worldwide in a flash.

What can YUMPU Publishing Do?

YUMPU Publishing is the answer to the question: “What is a Flipbook?”. The first amazing task the site can perform is conversion. You can convert any PDF file into a completely flippable piece of artwork. You start the process by selecting a PDF file that you have on your computer and uploading it to the online converter. Conversion time may vary depending on how large your file is. The average time for conversion is approximately one minute. After the upload is complete, you will be taken to the next step, which is signing up for an account. Registration does not take long, but you can take a minute to complete your profile for professional purposes.

Creating an online magazine is just that simple. No complicated processes are necessary. No special applications or software items are necessary. YUMPU can do all the work for you, and you can have a completed project in the blink of an eye.

Other Great Features for Your Flipbook

YUMPU focuses on providing you with the maximum visibility and optimization services. Not only will have the opportunity to create an online ePaper, but also you will have the opportunity to edit it, add to it, or share it with the world. YUMPU provides social media integration with its services. People who read your magazine or catalog will be able to share it with their friends on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Additionally, they will have the option to email it to their friends or embed it into their websites. People who receive copies of your magazine will then be able to share it with their friends and associates. In a sense, YUMPU can help you make your material go viral on the Internet, and you do not have to put in hard work to make it happen.

SEO Optimization is a crucial feature that YUMPU will give you. YUMPU wants your online catalog to be seen by as many web surfers as possible. Therefore, it incorporates an SEO optimization service and makes your material readable and acceptable by Google’s standards. The optimization service is sure to bring you more viewers than you could have imagined. Additionally, YUMPU generates a report on a weekly basis. The report will let you know how many people are reading your material and the number of those people who are coming back to read more. It is a perfect tool for you to stay on top of your productivity.

Basic and Premium Flipbook Plans

You have an option of using the free base service or signing up for the Free plan, the adFree plan, the WEBkiosk plan, or the AppKiosk. The Free plan boasts such features as unlimited magazine creation, page creation, and HTML5, Javascript and Flash technologies. The optimization feature comes free with the Free plan, as well. Other great features are video and audio adding, WordPress plugin, and 70-language file publishing. The free plan is absolutely free.

The adFree plan removes annoying ads and adds such features as access management and non-public release. The WEBKiosk plan provides custom bookshelves and white label design. The APPKiosk plan has manageable chapters, manageable sidebars, and offline reading. All plans have a smorgasbord of additional features that will make your experience heavenly.

If you have not yet created a flipbook because you did not know where to get started, then here’s your answer to “What is a Flipbook?”. YUMPU Publishing is the place to go for your conversion, optimization, and promotional needs. With the help of YUMPU’s services, you can add an additional dimension to your business. Try this revolutionary site and see just how simple it is to create flipbooks.

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