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Free Flip Book – Boost your own business in minutes

Free Flip Book – Boost your own business in minutes

If you are a business owner looking for some tips on how to boost your sales in just a few minutes and completely for free, then our author has a great solution for you. Sharing your products and services online can allow you to reach new customers from across the globe. Whether you are a real estate agent or a cake decorator, you can create full-color interactive books and share them with the world. With the free flip book software at YUMPU Publishing, you can create your own publications, even if you don’t have graphic design skills. Creating your own e-magazine or online publication has never been simpler.

Free Flip Books Turn Ideas into Reality

There is no limit to the books you can create with flip book technology. The process is simply. Upload your pdf files to the free software program and compile them to create your own book with flipping pages. Your readers can leaf through the pages, bookmark their favorite pages and share them with friends. Create stunning digital media with intuitive software that creates the layout for you. No design skills are needed to create catalogs, cook books and e-magazines right from your home computer.

Real Estate Flipbooks

Real estate agents love digital flip books. Upload color pdf files of your homes for sale and add in detailed text and descriptions for your buyers to review. Update your content easily with widgets that make it easy for you to switch out the pictures and customize the text. Choose from customized covers, a variety of fonts and layouts that will make your catalog stand out. Choose from single or double page layouts and include information on how to contact you for a showing.

With page turning sounds, links, buttons and outlines, you will create the realism of a paper catalog with the convenience of an online publication. Nothing sells a home better than pictures, so feel free to use rich and vibrant photos in your next real estate catalog.

Academic Textbooks

Flip books make an excellent alternative to traditional textbooks and provide an interactive learning experience. With academic textbooks, you can present information in a clear and easy to read format, providing photos and illustrations in your content. Academic flip books are a hit with young adults, and provide an excellent complement to in-class publications. Include interactive links to more information and integrate them with your online lessons. With flip books, you can create content that will keep your students engaged and ready to learn.

Product Catalogs

There is no better way to showcase your products for sale than with full color catalogs. Printing catalogs can be expensive, and it is difficult to update them after they have been completed. With flip book technology, you can upload photos of your products and update them in real time. Easily add new products and delete those that are out of stock. With flip book catalogs, you can tailor your sales to your customer and make the most profit from your business.

Sell Directly From Your Book

With more users turning to e-commerce for all of their purchasing needs, using a flip book catalog to sell products is an economical way to promote your business. Simply create links in your products to your e-commerce site and allow your readers to buy with a click. Easy to integrate SEO (search engine optimization) tools mean that your flip book will be found online easily, drawing visitors to your site who will buy your products. You can set up your catalogs and flip books quickly and publish them immediately.

Share on Multiple Devices

Now more than ever before, users are accessing the Internet on multiple devices. From tablets to smart phones and desktop computers, digital publishing software can reach them any way they reach you. Flip book software is compatible with mobile devices and can be optimized for small screen resolution. Now you can reach your customers whether they are browsing from the office computer or flipping through your catalog during the train ride home.

Cut Your Marketing Budget

Using free flip books is an efficient way to cut your marketing costs dramatically. Simply create your free book and upload it to your social media site for instant sharing. Now your audience will work as your personal marketing force. Free flip books mean that you don’t have to worry about printing and mailing costs. Best of all, by using paperless catalogs and look books, you are helping the environment by going green.

Getting Started With Flip Books

Getting started with your flip book project is easy. First, create a free YUMPU Publishing account. Then, simply gather your pdf files and create the text for your book. Finally, upload your files to the site and let YUMPU’s software do the rest. Your new flipbook will be ready in minutes.

Join the many people who have discovered how easy it is to enjoy full-color e-magazines, catalogs, and look books. Whether you are creating a cookbook of your favorite recipes or selling a lavish new home, a flip book is a perfect tool in your publishing arsenal.


a little long but really informative. helped me out big times! thanks mate

  Matt Simmons
Matt Simmons

Hey Belinda 🙂

Nice article, it really helped me out, which is rare nowadays. Will recommend you to my business partners.

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After testing many ePaper Services I have to say this is by far the best one. I didn’t regret changing from Issuu to Yumpu.

Linus Weiss
Linus Weiss

Hello Selina,

thank you for your kind words.

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thumbs up for you 🙂

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