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Flipbook Video Embed – An interactive flipbook in minutes

Flipbook Video Embed – An interactive flipbook in minutes

Content is the name of the game. If you are an author, publisher, business owner, or marketer, your objective is to connect with your existing and potential readers or listeners. Content is the way that this is accomplished. Content comes in a number of different forms. To the most novice, content is almost always viewed as written content, and for good reason. Written content has long been the most direct and informative method in which to engage your target audience: however, there are other methods that are highly effective in accomplishing certain goals. One medium of content distribution is the use of video. Written content can be embedded into the video so it becomes a powerful medium. With the increasing popularity of videos, many marketers are incorporating video marketing into their marketing and branding strategies. YUMPU Publishing is using its extensive publishing experience to help marketers and businesses maximize the power of video. Using their state-of-the-art online software, you can actually create a flipbook video in minutes.

The Flipbook Video Concept

Before moving forward, it would be a good idea to explain the concept of a flipbook video. The flipbook is a digitally formatted book — also known as an eBook — that has highly functional animated features such as pages that flip just like a paper page. They even have the sound-effects to make the experience seem even more realistic. There are very few limitations to what can be done with flipbooks. One thing that is being done now is to incorporate video into the flip book format. There are a number of ways that this can be done. You can take series of videos and embed one on each page and allow your viewers to view these videos in sequence in one place. This can be a powerful marketing tool.

Another option would be to take one video and brake it down into scenes or segments, placing the different breaks on separate pages to create a flippable video. This is actually a very engaging manner in which to present your content to your target audience.

YUMPU Publishing makes this process extremely easy. All you have do is create the document in Microsoft Word by embedding your video clips on separate pages. Once you have finished embedding all of the videos, you can convert the Word document into a pdf document that can be uploaded on the YUMPU site and converted into a video book. It is that simple.

Easy to Use Flipbook Video Software

YUMPU is the world’s top digital publisher and they use their wealth of experience to make digital publishing extremely easy. The user interface is very simplistic and highly intuitive. Even the greenest of all novice users will be able to navigate through this process. For those that find the simple step-by-by step instructions lacking, there is a short informative tutorial video that will make the process easier to complete. Under normal circumstances, you can log in on the site, create an account and profile, upload and convert your video flipbook in less than five minutes. Although I have never personally had a conversion take longer than five minutes, it may be a possibility for someone who has extensive video documents. The size of the file does play a role in the amount of time it takes to convert it.

The Peripheral Benefits

There are a number of ancillary benefits that are associated with using the innovative software at YUMPU Publishing. One of the most noted benefits is the fact that your newly published video book will gain immediate exposure to the millions of readers that frequent the YUMPU site. Because of the vast library at YUMPU, there is no shortage of readers searching for information on numerous topics. With your video book aptly titled and categorized, it will be easy for people looking for information that would be specific to your book to find it.

You will also be able to embed a copy of this new flipbook video to your website or blog for added exposure and credibility. When you consider the social media integration and SEO benefits associated with the YUMPU experience, you will have no problem seeing massive opportunities to distribute your content.

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