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Online Catalog to fall in love with – Publish worldwide in just a few minutes

Online Catalog to fall in love with – Publish worldwide in just a few minutes

Major corporations are shifting their budgets to invest in online content. One mechanism that is continuing to build momentum is the concept of flippable books. Flippable eBooks, catalogs, and magazines are becoming one of the most popular ways to share content. YUMPU, the world’s leader in digital publication, is at the forefront of this powerful movement. If you have a product catalog you wish to publish, you can literally go to YUMPU Publishing and upload your catalog. Their powerful flippable conversion software will convert your PDF file into a digital flippable catalog in five minutes or less.

Benefits of the YUMPU Online Catalog Creator

  • Link your products inside of the catalog directly into your webshop

  • Integration of audio and video files
• Embed the catalog into your website

  • Easy to share on Facebook, Twitter & Co

  • Unlimited catalogs

  • SEO optimized

  • Unlimited number of pages and catalogs

  • and many more

The Flippable Online Catalog

To truly understand the power and potential provided through the services that are offered at YUMPU, it might be best to gain a more lucid understanding of flippable products. The concept of flippable products is actually very simple. A flippable book is a book that has page-flipping animations and sounds. Instead of the tradition eBook in which the page scrolls up and down or left to right, the flippable book resembles the dynamics of an actual book with paper pages. As the pages turn, you can see the next page begin to uncover. The book will also make the sound of a page turning.

Flippable books also allow you to create numerous other animated functions. It is the functionality and the interactivity of the flippable book that makes them highly engaging. With YUMPU, you don’t have to have any programming or coding skills in order to create a high-quality catalog with as much creative latitude as you would like.

Easy and Intuitive Interface

YUMPU Publishing has developed a reputation for publishing some of the highest quality digital publications in the world, and you would think that the publishing process would be highly complex. The truth is that the process is actually very simple and straight forward. The user interface is highly intuitive, allowing you to move straight through the process of uploading and converting your file. At a time when software can be excruciatingly difficult to navigate, it is refreshing to experience a process that is highly functional and effective at producing high quality results without the complexity.

When you visit the site, you will be asked to create a profile, username and password. Once you have done this, you will be invited to begin the conversion process. You will have the option of choosing the free plan with ads, the ad-free package or the web kiosk. The free package is actually that — free. All three packages come with unlimited magazines. This one feature alone has so much value built in. Because there are unlimited uploads of magazines and catalogs, you are able to handle all of your digital publishing at one place.

Another neat feature that carries a great deal of weight is the embed code. When you create your online catalog, the software will automatically create an embed code, which you can use to embed the catalog directly into your site. If you are running an online store, this is an ideal feature, especially for someone who is not well versed in code and dealing with FTP uploads, etc. With this embed code you can load it right into one of your pages or as a standalone page.

Powerful Leverage for Your Catalog

When you consider that YUMPU has millions of readers worldwide, the leverage picture begins to come into focus. By simply uploading your catalog it will immediately gain exposure, which in turn, helps to build and sustain your brand.

Your Catalog will be Searchable

Another great benefit of working with an established digital publisher like YUMPU is the fact that the site already has a very high page ranking, meaning that your catalog will get great coverage without you having to put in any additional effort. This does not mean that you don’t have to promote the book in other ways, but as far as the SEO on YUMPU is concerned, it is airtight.

The Leverage of Social Media

I would be remiss to discuss online marketing and not mention social media. Social media has come a long way since MySpace first hit the scene. Social media has also evolved to be more than a hangout for friends. Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses. It allows businesses to create exceptional and effective customer engagement campaigns. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow businesses to connect with their target audiences without being intrusive, building lasting relationships. YUMPU Publishing has integrated social media into the interface so that your catalog can be easily shared.

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I am very excited to begin my second year at YUMPU! What I really love about is that everyone - without any technical knowledge - can create amazing looking online magazines!

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We’re using for 2 months now. Their service is head and shoulders above what other ePaper websites have to offer.

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