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Online Catalog Creator to Expand Your Reach – Quick and Easy

Online Catalog Creator to Expand Your Reach – Quick and Easy

The capacity for businesses and marketers to promote their products is becoming increasingly more powerful as communications technology and the expansive reach of the web progress at a very rapid pace. Online catalogs allow businesses to offer and promote their products online in highly creative and competitive ways. As with any aspect of web technology, online catalogs are constantly evolving to meet the constantly changing needs of the consumer. One way that catalogs have changed is through the use of flip technology. Flip technology has allowed marketers to create catalogs that are highly engaging, which enhances the user experience. YUMPU Publishing, the world’s leading digital publisher, has led the charge in providing software that allows marketers and businesses to quickly convert their pdf catalogs into highly interactive online catalogs and get valuable, additional organic reach with your PDF documents.


Benefits of an Online Catalog

The online catalog created on YUMPU has many advantages. Thanks to the “streaming technology” and the support of YUMPU, the online catalog always gets into the Google index. As a result, thousands of additional interested parties gain attention to the online catalog. And the good thing is: It is FREE.

If you use YUMPU Publishing, then the advantage is that the large PDF documents are first reduced with the YUMPU technology. However, this does not affect the resolution. So, no fear. The loading time becomes faster and this, in turn, meets the requirements for search engines as a result the online catalog is better indexed and gets a good placement in the search results.

The possibility of embedding the online catalog in your website or your blog increases the number of visitors, i.e. the readers of the online catalog, since the reference to the website is “extra rewarded” by Google. It usually doesn’t take very long for your content to appear in the top spots on Google.

And what can you say, the platform is a true social media booster for your online catalog. You want more clicks and even more attention. Then you just have to use the possibilities of social media like Facebook and Twitter. You can give your online catalogs the opportunity to share your ePaper publications and thereby gain more additional visibility. You can also include your ePaper in the footer of your e-mails, for example, and distribute it that way.

By inserting interactive content such as videos, sound files, and links, you can design your ePaper multimedia with the Hotspot Editor and automatically or manually link to your publications. This gives your online catalog a little more attention.

Create your own Online Catalog in 4 easy steps

  1. Register at YUMPU Publishing

  2. Upload your Online Catalog in just 2 minutes

  3. Put description, category, and tags into your Catalog

  4. Embed the catalog into your website or blog and share it on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. FINISHED!

The creation is almost done by itself

One concern for many small businesses is determining whether or not they have the skill set or budget to create an effective and quality free online catalog creator. The truth is that with software, such as the program offered at YUMPU, it is extremely easy for anyone to log in and create a high-quality and highly functional catalog in a matter of minutes.

There was a time in which creating online documents and pages required knowledge of multiple coding languages and mastery of FTP processes. Those days are rapidly becoming obsolete. With the online software program offered at YUMPU, you can log in, create a profile and convert your document into an animated catalog in under five minutes.

Once your profile is created, you will be prompted to upload your pdf document. Once your document has been uploaded, the conversion process will be initiated automatically. Normally, the conversion process takes less than a minute. It may be slightly longer depending on the size of the document that is being converted.

Once the file has been converted, you will be asked to create a title and description, this will make your catalog easier to find for those who are looking for the type of products you offer.

Ancillary Benefits of the Online Catalog Creator

The benefits of using the software YUMPU Publishing do not end with an easy conversion. One of the first things that you will notice is that your catalog is highly engaging. With the flip page technology that is used in creating your catalog, you will have the latest in flippable documents. This means that when people open your catalog the pages will flip in the same manner as books with paper pages. It will even provide the sound effects. It is this type of interactive engagement that provides an immensely enjoyable experience for your users, ensuring that they will return.

In such a competitive market, user engagement and user experience have become extremely important elements of the overall marketing strategy. Not only does it improve conversion, but more importantly, it helps to build the type of trusting relationship that results in customer loyalty, and that is what sustains businesses over the long haul.

Another benefit that you will be immediately exposed to is the millions of readers that browse the pages of YUMPU on a regular basis. Because this platform is the world’s leader in digital publishing, it only stands to reason that it would have an exceptionally large following of people who love reading and examining digital content. This means that these readers would also have direct access to your digital catalog. You can also control the type of access that readers will have and you can make the catalog “read-only” or you can allow the readers to download the catalog for future access.

Expanding Your Reach

The benefits that you will experience by using the YUMPU Publishing flip software will not be limited to this site. When you create your catalog, an embed code will automatically be generated. You can use this code to embed the online catalog directly on your site. This will help increase the exposure to the catalog while the functionality and interactivity of the catalog will help enhance the user experience at your site. Creating an online catalog has never been easier. Create your online catalog now on YUMPU Publishing – fast, easy, and free.

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