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PDF to iPhone – The best solution is an incredible Flipbook!

PDF to iPhone – The best solution is an incredible Flipbook!

Converting a PDF to an iPhone can be really tricky. At YUMPU Publishing, you can upload a PDF for free and convert it into an online Flipbook or Magazine which can be viewed on an iPhone or any other mobile device. You do not need any prior technical knowledge to convert a PDF document into an online catalog that can be accessed from an iPhone. Numerous pre-made templates make it easy for a person lacking a technical background to instantly create e-books and other online publications.

With an online flipbook, you can ensure that people access your document at their own convenience. They can enjoy the unprecedented experience of reading a flipbook on the subway or train. The next time a person is stuck waiting before a dentist appointment, he or she can whip out an iPhone to check out your flipbook. Moments in which people are left waiting in line or for an appointment are moments of time in which you can capitalize to reach your audience. Here are some other compelling reasons you should give YUMPU a try to create your flipbooks, catalogues, reports, and other online publications.

1. Give readers increased access to publications.

Any established magazine or newspaper business should consider creating an online format. Print publications are missing out on significant opportunities for growth by offering online access. Reading a PDF on an iPhone may seem unappealing upon an initial consideration. However, high-quality scrolling and page-turning features actually make reading a PDF on an iPhone a pleasurable and enjoyable experience. Readers may find that they actually like being able to read any magazine, newspaper or book of their choosing on a smartphone. It has never been easier for people to carry an entire library of online flipbooks in a purse or pocket. A smartphone can now contain all of the literature that one wants or needs to access at anytime.

2. Transfer group projects to other members.

Even students benefit from flipbook technology programs offered by YUMPU Publishing. Elementary, high school, college and graduate students can use YUMPU to convert existing PDF files into flippable e-books. Students who are working together on a project may wish to send updates to a report in the form of a flipbook. Group members can hold each other accountable by sending updates to their smartphones. Because everyone carries a smartphone at all times and in all places these days, it is likely that each student will receive the necessary updates. YUMPU actually facilitates student projects and ensures that each student contributes his or her fair share of work.

3. Save time and energy by using pre-made templates.

Those without a technical background benefit from the pre-made templates offered by YUMPU Publishing. Also, customer service agents are available to assist with any questions or concerns. The customer service representatives offer friendly advice that distinguishes YUMPU from other flipbook websites that do not offer customer service.

4. Give readers offline reading options for poor WiFi connections.

Even if a reader is in a location with a poor WiFi connection, browsing a flipbook is still possible. Readers who have already downloaded a flipbook on a smartphone will be able to access the flipbook without any WiFi connection.

5. Improve the visibility of your business.

Flipbooks now offer businesses additional opportunities to improve an SEO and Internet marketing strategy. Posting flipbooks on a company’s website allows customers to interact with the company and browse new products. Customers may begin to view a company as tech-savvy and have a different perception of it.

Flipbooks for smartphones have altered the reading habits of thousands of people. People enjoy reading flipbooks on a smartphone while on the beach, in the bathtub or on a long car ride. Get your message out today by creating a flipbook that can be accessed from smartphones.

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