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PDF Compression for Smartphones – Why it is so important?

PDF Compression for Smartphones – Why it is so important?

If you plan on making PDF files available for the public to download, you should realize that numerous people try to download PDF files from smartphones these days. If you fail to make a PDF file accessible for smartphone users, you may be missing out on potential readers. One way to find the PDF Compression services that you need is by visiting YUMPU Publishing. YUMPU can convert all of your PDF files into a file type that is accessible for smartphone users. YUMPU offers the high-quality PDF to flipbook conversion services that you need to create a great browsing experience for your readers.

Perhaps you have never used PDF Compression before, and you are concerned about whether you have the knowledge necessary to operate a converter. You should know that converting a PDF document into an eMagazine, eCatalog or ePaper is very easy and takes just a couple of minutes. All you need to do is upload your PDF file onto YUMPU and allow our service to take care of the rest. Your PDF file will be converted into a format that can be read by smartphone devices. This will ensure that you reach all of the members of your designated audience.

Choosing to use YUMPU’s PDF conversion services should be an easy decision. Our friendly customer service representatives are available to assist you at anytime. Here are a few other reasons you may want to consider using YUMPU to create interactive PDF documents.

Providing Greater Accessibility for Customers with Smartphones

Once you begin releasing flipbooks and online catalogs on the Internet, you will likely find that more people become interested in your endeavors. Businesses can gain a much-needed boost when they provide online catalogs to customers. Customers may start to flip through product photographs on a smartphone when they are on the subway or waiting in a long line. Your business opens up additional sale opportunities by giving customers the chance to view products from any location and at anytime. A smartphone user who is bored on a car ride may suddenly decide to go shopping and purchase clothing from your store’s online catalog. Without an online catalog, these additional sales would have likely never occurred.

Meet File Limits Imposed by Email Providers

A PDF Compression service compresses files so that you can meet file limits set by email providers. You can avoid the frustration of having a rejected email returned to you due to the file size of an attachment. You don’t have to purchase expensive software to make sure that your PDF files meet limits imposed by email providers. Instead, YUMPU Publishing offers affordable and free services that can help convert your PDF files into a format that is easy to send to your contacts. The quality of your PDF documents remains the same when you use PDF Compression. Optimizing a PDF ahead of time helps ensure that you do not have to deal with numerous rejected emails. If you plan on sending out an e-newsletter, make sure that it meets the size limits of your email provider ahead of time.

Don’t Clog the Computer Systems of Colleagues and Customers

Receiving a large PDF file in one’s inbox can be extremely annoying. Once a person clicks on the PDF, he or she may be stuck waiting for hours for the document to download. Those who have older operating systems will most likely have to restart their computers to facilitate the download process. Instead of putting customers or others in this position, you should use YUMPU to send them your PDF files. A fully optimized PDF is easy to view for your customers and only takes minutes to load.

PDF Compression – Reducing a PDF File Size After Scanning Documents

You should be aware that scanning a document and turning it into a PDF file often results in a large size – PDF Compression can help. Some people are unaware that PDF files increase in size after a scan takes place. Scanned PDF files are often clunky and can take up a lot of space on a recipient’s hard drive. Compressing a PDF file after scanning its contents avoids this issue.

Reach out and connect with your audience by creating online flipbooks that can be accessed by smartphones. YUMPU Publishing will help you create an animated, high-quality, online publication that can be accessed anywhere. Young generations will enjoy browsing your company’s product catalog or your latest research paper from their smartphones. Making documents accessible for a new society that carries a smartphone 24/7 will ensure that you enjoy great success in your endeavors.

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