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How to Flip a PDF – The explanation is very simple

How to Flip a PDF – The explanation is very simple

Sites and blogs are becoming highly interactive platforms that are able to effective engage readers and customers with relevant content. Where the static page used to be the norm, interactive features have taken over. For someone, such as yourself, who desires to share their next “white paper” in the format of a magazine or eBook, the flippable PDF facilitated by YUMPU Publishing is the way to go. With YUMPU, you never have to ask yourself how to Flip a PDF anymore.

Understanding the Concept of “How to Flip a PDF“

You may be wondering what in the world is a flippable PDF, and how in the world does a person flip one. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Actually the concept of flipping PDFs is very simple, but first you must understand what PDF flipping is. PDF flipping allows you to upload a PDF that will convert it into a flipbook. These flippable documents are capable of containing animations, sound and other interactive features that are capable of increasing the enjoyment of engaging of the document.

With this fast paced world that encapsulated us all, businesses, authors, organization leaders and bloggers are finding it increasingly more difficult to keep the attention of readers. Flippable PDFs contain the interactivity and allure to help keep the attention of readers, providing a solid and effective platform for eBook and eMagazines to be efficacious in reaching the targeting audience and delivering the desired message. The simplistic but highly functional program offered by YUMPU Publishing makes it extremely easy for authors to purchase and host their work is an enjoyable format.

How to Flip a PDF in minutes

You are probably thinking this sounds good, but it is probably extremely complicated — requiring knowledge of different coding languages and more. Right? Wrong! The process that YUMPU offers could not be simpler. It is easy to understand your trepidation, especially in a world in which engaging software programs can give some people night sweats, due to the level of anxiety associated with the attempts to navigate through the complex interfaces of some of these programs. The interface presented by YUMPU is extremely simple and easy to use.

You can simply log in, create a password and begin the conversion process. The user interface is highly intuitive and functional. With the simplistic three-step process, you can literally be in and out is under three minutes.

Once you have completed your profile, you will be asked to upload the PDF file you wish to convert. Once you have uploaded the file, simply click the publish button and the system will begin to process the conversion. The process normally takes less than a minute, but the size of the document will have a significant impact on the overall speed.

Here’s a cool example of a Flipbook made from a PDF file:

The Benefits of Flipping Your PDF

One of the great concerns with written documents is access. It can be a challenge to make your document highly accessible. One of the great benefits about using YUMPU Publishing is that they will host your flipped file on their site so that you can point visitors directly to the article, paper or magazine. People will be able to access your document from any type of device that has access to the internet, whether they are using a laptop, smartphone, desktop or tablet, they will be able to access and read you document as well as enjoy all of the added features associated with a flipped PDF.

Another way that flipping your PDF through YUMPU will help increase exposure is through their integrated embed coding. Once you upload and convert the document, an embed code will be immediately created. You can use this embed code to load your new eMagazine or your ePaper directly onto your site.

Social Media Integration

The power of social media to increase exposure and reach has been well noted. YUMPU Publishing has integrated social media buttons that will allow you to “like” your new magazine on Facebook, Pin your ePaper to Pinterest or tweet your Flipbook link on Twitter. This creates the potential for your new document to go viral and there is no faster way to increase exposure and get your message out.

Makes Your Document Searchable

Another huge feature is the search engine optimization that makes your document highly searchable on the web. The ability for people to search for you document on the web is an invaluable asset. One of the ways that many people of vetting companies and individuals is through internet searches. When your name and the title of your document appears in a search, it provides the credibility that many require before moving forward in business or personal relationships.

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