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Create HTML5 PDF Flipbooks in Minutes – with Example

Create HTML5 PDF Flipbooks in Minutes – w/Example

As technology takes massive leaps and bounds, especially in the way of communication and web design, there has been a considerable amount of discussion concerning HTML5 coding and how it will produce the next generation of websites and online digital graphics. For the author, marketer, or blogger that has no prior knowledge of HTML, this can sound somewhat discouraging. You probably still have nightmares about how difficult it was dealing with the old HTML coding. Well, there is no need to despair. There are ways to benefit from the exciting advances in coding that can be experienced through html5 without having to master the coding itself. With innovative software, such as the program offered at YUMPU Publishing, you can create HTML5 PDF Flipbooks is a matter of minutes.

The Power of HTML5 PDF Flipbook Technology

When you visit YUMPU Publishing, you will ultimately be prompted to upload the pdf file that you are looking to convert. This process is extremely simple and the step-by-step instructions make it a snap. When you upload the file, the software will automatically initiate the conversion process. Due to the advanced nature of the software, this conversion process is normally less than one minute.

The process will convert your pdf file into a highly functional HTML5 PDF Flipbook that is designed to be usefully engaging to your readers. All hyperlinks and coding will remain in tack. The flippable pages will provide the functionality that will ensure that the user has a pleasurable and engaging experience.

Customize the Details & Publish

You have the option to customize how your book will be viewed on the site as well as who will be able to see your book. You make the book available to the public, or you can choose who will be able to read the pdf. You will be able to add a unique title, choose a category and write a meta-description. These steps ensure that people who are looking for the type of content contained in your book will be able to easily access it.

This book and the exposure that it will create will provide the perfect branding opportunity. This will allow you to easily control the quality of content that you are generating while managing the manner in which it is presented. The HTML5 PDF Flipbook technology provides the necessary features to enhance the user experience, meaning that you will be able to retain the attention of your followers. With many markets being highly competitive, it is not good enough to have quality content that is relevant and useful, but you also need to give a great deal of attention to the manner in which that content is presented. If the user experience leaves something to be desired, you will find that users will seek a more enjoyable experience elsewhere.

The flippable pages and the sound effects, along with the impeccable graphic detail, presents the ultimate in content presentation.

Sharing and Tracking Your Creation

Once you have created your book, it will be immediately made available to the millions of readers that visit the YUMPU site on a daily basis, automatically increasing your exposure. This is not the only way that your exposure will be increased. You will be able to share your work via the social media buttons on the YUMPU site, and so will any other readers who come across your work. The ability to share your work on social media is extremely huge. There is a great deal of leverage that is inherently supplied through social media. When your content is relevant and packaged well it will find its way into the right hands.

Another way that you can share your new creation is to take the embed code that is created when the book is converted and embed the book into your website or blog. Not only does this increase your exposure, but it also increases the credibility of the site and your brand. Another benefit of embedding your new book into your site is the fact that it will automatically improve the user experience. It will make relevant information readily available as well as present it in an engaging manner.


You will be able to monitor the activity surrounding your new flipbook. You will be able to see the number of unique visitors and readers, how many people shared and “liked” your book, and more. It is always important to track the progress of your content so that you will know what is working and what is not. YUMPU Publishing has the tools to help you with that.

You don’t have any reason to be intimidated by HTML5, and you have all of the resources necessary to take advantage of all of its enhanced features. YUMPU’s innovative HTML5 PDF Flipbook online software program has taken all of the guesswork out of pdf to HTML5 PDF Flipbook conversation, so there is no reason not to take advantage of it right away.

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