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Use this Music Catalog Software to Organize Your Collection

Use this Music Catalog Software to Organize Your Collection

If you are like most music lovers, you have compiled a vast array of music over multitudinous genres. If you are old enough, you have taken a lot of music you have on wax, eight-track, and cassettes and created digital copies. Over time, this music collection can become extremely unorganized, causing you to lose sight of all of the artists and titles that you have in your collection. Meaning hundreds, even thousands of songs may be going unnoticed and unused. With music catalog software like the innovative software offered through YUMPU Publishing you will be able to organize and catalog your entire collection.

Music Catalog Software to order and organize

Music Catalog Example #1:

Music Catalog Example #2:

One of the top benefits of using music catalog software is the fact that it will bring a high degree of order to your collection. You will be able to categorize your music by genre, artist, song type, and more. This will help uncover some of those gems that have been hidden away for years. The Music Catalog Software will also provide an easy search feature that will allow you to easily locate music by a specific artist or even a specific song. Not only will the Music Catalog Software help organize the music it will help clean out the fragmented files and the duplicate files.

YUMPU Publishing offers this service absolutely free. You can simply place all of your music files on one PDF document and prepare to upload the file. When you visit the site, you will be asked to create an account and profile. Once you have created your profile, you will be asked to upload the file you wish to convert into a music catalog. While the file is processing, it will collect missing data such as writers, artist, album and CD covers and more. Once you have created the primary catalog, you will be able to organize the catalog in a manner that is most conducive for enjoyment.

Just Getting Started

This catalog will be highly dynamic and interactive. You will be able to flip through page after page of music, while reading background information on artists and producers. Once you have your catalog the way that you want it, you can then share it with your friends or with the world. There are a number of ways that you can accomplish this.

When you create your catalog, it will be automatically published to the database. This is huge because YUMPU is the largest digital publisher in the world, and with that comes an exceptionally large number of followers who browse their site for content dealing with everything from health to music. This means that your music catalog will have immediate exposure but only if you want it to. You have the option of making the catalog public for everyone to see or you can choose specifically who will be allowed to see it. This way you can invite your friends to share in your music.

Building Your Own Domain

Another option that you will have is to create a domain in which you can invite people to visit the site and sample the music while leaving comments or creating dialogue. YUMPU Music the free online catalog creator makes this extremely easy. Instead of sending you on some type of HTML conquest, YUMPU generates an embed code that will allow you to imbed the entire catalog on your website. The settings that you have set on the YUMPU site will apply to the catalog that you have embedded on your site. This means that you will be able to allow downloads, sampling, or complete listening experiences. You can actually get quite creative with what you will be able to do.

Social Media Integration

Depending on your overall goal for your catalog, you may be interested in taking advantage of the social media integration that YUMPU Publishing uses to help build exposure for their authors and catalogers. With the social media feature, anyone who finds your catalog interesting can share it on a number of different social media platforms. With the leverage that social media provides, your catalog could rapidly generate momentum, building a loyal audience who love your taste. Some of these followers may even be willing to share their collection with you, which is a very easy way to increase the size of your catalog.

Submitting a Revised Catalog

Because we all make mistakes and we all find reasons to make additions or subtractions, there is an easy process that allows you to submit a revised version of your catalog with the YUMPU Publishing Music Catalog Software at any time. Simply log in and click on your catalog. Your profile for the catalog will pop up. You will see a tab that says upload revision. Simply click on the “upload revision” tab and you are on your way. The new revised copy will replace the original, so make sure that any songs that may have been removed are saved on another file or platform.

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