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HTML5 Flipbooks – The solution to create responsive flipbooks

HTML5 Flipbooks – The solution to create responsive flipbooks

When HTML5 arrived, a whole new world opened up for online authors and publishers. You could take any kind of content and turn it into a responsive, beautiful digital flipbook using HTML5.It was difficult at first because HTML5 was very new to publishers and writers, but now that there are tools to create digital HTML5 Flipbooks automatically from PDFs, you can make a flipbook in minutes. YUMPU Publishing has simplified the process even more and even allows users to make responsive flipbooks for free.

Why Create Flipbooks & HTML5 Flipbook Example

When readers go online to look for magazines, they want to view content wherever they are. If they are browsing with their phones, that means they need a responsive online magazine or webpage in order to read content. With a responsive flipbook written with HTML5, you can publish and push your magazine or epaper directly to subscriber phones. You can also make it more enjoyable for readers who are accessing your website through their tablets. If you are an avid writer, you can create flipbooks that work on all kinds of devices and even make it easier for people browsing on desktop machines to read your content.

Are Flipbooks Good for Online Magazines?

Flipbooks are one of the most popular ways to display magazine content online. They make it easy to view pictures, articles, quizzes, editorials, and advertisements from any device. They look and work just like an actual book, but you can view them online. The interface is easy allowing any type of Internet user to view your magazine online. There are thousands of flipbooks uploaded to YUMPU Publishing every day. If you want to see what it’s like, just search for your favorite online magazine. You’ll probably find a few magazines to flip through and see how to set up your own PDF to convert to a flipbook.

How to Create an HTML5 Flipbook

The old way was to create a flipbook by coding HTML5 yourself. However, that process takes too long, and it’s difficult for those who don’t know how to write HTML code. If you aren’t a programmer and want to produce a flipbook quickly, all you need is a tool like YUMPU and a PDF. If you are new to creating PDFs, it’s rather simple.

Creating the PDF
A portable document format or PDF can be created in Word or Adobe Photoshop. There are also converters. If you have a story written in .DOC format for example, you can simply save it as a PDF in Word or even convert it into a PDF online. A PDF isn’t like a .DOC because it saves like an image and yet allows you to read and copy text as if it was a Word file.

A PDF is also a perfect document type for HTML5 Flipbook magazines because it saves formatting and images just the way that you would want them to look if printed. That’s why one option for printing documents on your computer is to print to a PDF writer. You can save as many pages as you want in a PDF, and it’s important that you do if you want to create flipbook.

Creating the Flipbook
Making a flipbook is very simple now. With a PDF, you can simply upload it to a converter on YUMPU and create a flawless presentation or magazine in minutes. Once you make an account on YUMPU, you can create unlimited amounts of magazines and epapers for free. There aren’t any limits to how many pages your flipbook can have either.

You simply upload the PDF file right through the YUMPU site. The homepage lets you browse for PDFs on your computer and then uploads it. You can then choose what style of flipbook you want.

Why YUMPU is Great for Publishers

YUMPU Publishing also makes it easy for flipbooks to get discovered. You can search for any type of magazine or epaper on YUMPU. If you want to get more readers, you can upload your magazine flipbook and make it public to instantly get more readership. The best part is that the flipbooks made on the site are incredible to view. It’s easy to flip through the pages, and the images look sharp and colorful. There are millions of magazines on YUMPU already. Fashion magazines, design flipbooks, informational epapers and presentations can all be found on YUMPU.

If you create a flipbook with your PDF, you open up a whole new line of communication with people browsing on their mobile devices for content. You can make your magazine quickly responsive just by using YUMPU’s HTML5 flipbook converter tool. It’s completely free, but you can always upgrade to get more features and take advantage of the YUMPU iPhone and iPad app.

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