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A Flipbook Animation Software with awesome features

A Flipbook Animation Software with awesome features

One concept that has gained a great deal of traction is Flipbook animation. Flipbook animation allows a writer or publisher to upload their content in PDF format and immediately convert it to an animated publication with all of the digital trimmings. At YUMPU Publishing, you will find an exceptional Flipbook Animation Software that allows you to easily upload your work and publish it live.

Bridging the Gap with this Flipbook Animation Software

The concept of flippable documents may be difficult to grasp for some, so we will attempt to bridge the great divide and simplify the concept in manner that will allow you to recognize the immense benefits associated with creating an online copy of your written work, or in the case of flipbooks, your images. In essence, a flipbook is an aspect of the flip concept in which a series of photos that vary gradually from one page to the next are uploading into the flipbook animation software and converted to a digital copy that will facilitate a full functional animation. It is the digital version of the ones you once played with as a kid, but with greater functionality and use.

With the YUMPU Publishing Flipbook Animation Software, you can easily create a flipbook in less than five minutes if you already have your file created. You can simply log in, upload your file and it will be converted. Depending on the size of the file, conversion normally takes less than three minute after the file has been uploaded.

The Massive Implications

Whether you are a business owner, an author or blogger, you understand the importance of engaging your target audience. Content, in multitudinous forms, when it is specific and relevant to the user, has massive potential to positively stimulate the relationship building process between the business owner, author or illustrator and their target audience. It is the most effective way to build consistent exposure, which allows you to shape your brand. Flipbooks are far more than entertainment mechanisms; there are customer engagement tools.

Consider the power of being able to create a functional digital flipbooks in a matter of minutes using YUMPU’s dynamic Flipbook Animation Software, and then having them host the finished product on a platform that anyone can visit. The possibilities in which this concept can be used from a marketing and branding perspective are immense.

Search Engine Optimization

Another aspect of the process created by YUMPU Publishing that has huge intrinsic value is the fact that your production or publication will automatically be the beneficiary of the integrated SEO that is provided on the site. YUMPU’s SEO efforts ensure that your publication will be searchable on Google and other major search engines.

This benefit is extremely valuable to your efforts in a number of ways. First, it will increase the number of organic visitors or readers that you will have. It will also provide level of validation and confirmation that does not exist without a web present. When people are able to type your name or title into a search engine and locate your work, it goes a long way in developing the confidence that users need to further engage your business or your work.

The Social Media Aspect

Social media plays a major role in customer engagement strategies by public relations and marketing firms. These platforms provide consistent assess to your target audience that allows you to engage them in a non-invasive manner. The key to engagement for the purpose of developing a relation of trust with your target audience is providing relevant content without demanding anything in return. A flippable book that is hosted on YUMPU and sharable to all major social media platforms is powerful.

The exciting thing about social media integration on YUMPU is the potential for your flipbook or other flippable publication to go viral. Once it hits a social media platform, there is no limit to the amount of times it can be shared and liked.

Easy Website Placement of Your Flipbook

When you create your flipbook on YUMPU Publishing, the system will immediately generate an embed code. You will be able to use this code to embed your flipbook directly onto your website or blog. This does a couple of things immediately. First it provides immediate access to your publication on an additional platform while creating a link back to the hosted version on YUMPU. Another benefit is that it will improve the user experience drastically. Because of the high level of interactivity associated with flipbooks, your visitors will be aptly engaged.

A comprehensive list of all of the benefits of creating a flipbook or other flipped document on YUMPU is impossible to compile in one sitting. The best thing to do is to stop by the site and give it a try. It is free to upload your document.

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