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Digital Catalog Creator to Create Your Next Catalog

Digital Catalog Creator to Create Your Next Catalog

As the expansive reach of the internet continues to grow, marketers and advertising agents are placing more and more emphasis on online marketing and promotions. One way that many marketers are promoting their products with great success is through digital catalogs. With a digital catalog creator the content within the catalog can be distributed easily, through a number of different processes. The challenge that many marketers and catalogers often engage in the belief that they don’t have the budget or expertise to effectively put together a digital catalog.

Benefits of the YUMPU digital Catalog Creator

• Link your products inside of the catalog directly into your webshop
• Integration of audio and video files
• Embed the catalog into your website
• Easy to share on Facebook, Twitter & Co
• Unlimited catalogs
• SEO optimized
• Unlimited number of pages and catalogs
• and many more

Actually, the YUMPU technology makes the process of creating a fully functional flippable digital catalog quite easy. In fact, you can create a totally flippable catalog in less than five minutes on YUMPU Publishing. All you need is an existing pdf with all of your products and links and you are ready to go.

The digital Catalog Creator makes it Easy

With the cutting-edge software available at YUMPU, you will be able to create an exceptionally engaging digital catalog that can be shared on multiple platforms. The process is quite simple. When you visit the site, you will be asked to log in. If you do not yet have an account, you will be asked to create an account profile. Once this is done, you will prompted to upload your pdf file with all your products positioned as you would have them appear in the final document. All of your linkage should be preset before the upload. You can also create a table of contents that will make the catalog even easier to navigate.

When you have uploaded the file, the conversion process will be initiated automatically. Depending on the size of the file being converted, you can expect the conversion process to take less than a minute in most cases. After the conversion, you will be asked to enter some more details, such as the title, category and the meta-description of the content contained in the catalog. Once you have completed filling out this information, you will be able to publish the document.

When you published the document, it will be immediately made available for viewing. This means that it will be exposed to the millions of readers that browse the YUMPU Publishing site for information and products. Because you have taken the time to give it a content-specific title and category, it will be easy for readers looking for that type of content to locate it.

Even More Exposure for your products

You will be able to gain further exposure by taking the embed code that was created when the conversion of your document was completed and embed the catalog directly to your site. This will increase the exposure of the book while contributing to your branding efforts as well.

An added benefit of embedding the catalog on your site or blog is the level of credibility that it will produce. The interactivity of the catalog will also enhance the user experience associated with your site.

If that is not enough exposure, you should consider the SEO benefits associated with using YUMPU. YUMPU has invested a great deal of effort into making sure that all of the works that are published on their site will be indexed by Google and other major search engines. This means that your catalog will be searchable. This creates the opportunity for you to receive a high level of organic traffic to your catalog, increasing the opportunity to improve your sales conversion.

Lastly, YUMPU Publishing has integrated social media sharing into the site function. This allows anyone to share your catalog on a number of different social media platforms. This is huge because social media provides unparalleled leverage. By simply sharing or liking the catalog on any given social media platform your catalog can be launched into a viral frenzy. YUMPU provides all of the necessary tools to make sure that you will need to create your digital catalog with the digital catalog creator.

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