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PDF Shrink Software – Compress Your Document in less than 2 minutes

PDF Shrink Software – Compress Your Document in less than 2 minutes

PDF documents are used for a number of reasons. They are one of the most common file types for sharing information. The PDF format will allow you to create content that is shareable without allowing the readers to make changes to the documents. This can be an effective tool when it comes to sending legal contracts and agreements via email or electronic fax. Another security feature associated with PDFs is the fact that it is difficult to effectively copy the entire document, discouraging copyright infringement. PDFs provide the opportunity to present relevant content to your target audience in a format that will make it easily consumable. The problem with PDFs is that they tend to get a little too bulky. When a PDF file becomes too large, it can be difficult to move the document via email or to upload it onto the web. For this reason, PDF Shrink software was created. Unfortunately, the original PDF Shrink software programs had a substantial amount of glitches that made compressing files a literal nightmare. With the online PDF shrink software offered by YUMPU Publishing, you can easily compress your PDF into a workable size file plus your PDF will be converted into a great Flipbook.

PDF Shrink – Less Weight Complete Functionality

One of the major complaints about the old compression software was the fact that the document would lose a great deal of its functionality and formatting. This would leave the document unusable in most instances. There would be situations in which the file would become fragmented into multiple parts that made it impossible to open the entire document at once. With the software offered by YUMPU, your PDF will maintain complete functionality while shedding a considerable amount of its size. With a smaller PDF, you will be able to attach it to emails, upload it online, as well as store it on your cloud server for backup purposes.

With the PDF Shrinker at YUMPU Publishing, all of the links, photos and formatted text will remain intact. This is immensely important when it comes to presentation and effective engagement. When you put your content in front of your target audience, you want to ensure that they have access to the full intended functionality of the document. You can be certain of this when using the PDF shrink software at YUMPU.

Easy to Use PDF Shrink Software

Another major complaint about the old compression software was that it was entirely too complex, but wasn’t everything then? One of the things that frustrate users to no end is to log into a software program where they are made to feel totally dense. No one wants to navigate through a software program that needs a full-length manual in order to operate it. This is not the case with the cutting-edge online PDF Shrink software used by YUMPU Publishing. The user interface is clean and intuitive. The tabs are organize and positioned in a manner that ensures that you will not become confused during the process.

When you log in, you will be asked to create an account and a profile. This should not take but a couple of minutes tops. With the advanced browsers that are being used now, much of the information is probably in the auto-fill settings. Once you have created your account and profile, you will be allowed to upload your PDF through the browse feature. The system will automatically start the compression process once the file is uploaded. Depending on the size of the file, the compression process can take less than a minute in most instances.

No Drain on System Resources

Because the compression is conducted online through your browser, you will not have to be concerned about the process draining your system’s resources and slowing your computer down. All of the work is done on cloud servers, meaning that your computer does not have to do the work.

It has never been so easy to compress a PDF file, and it can be done in a matter of minutes, producing a high quality document that you will be able to use for multiple tasks.

Boris Abdul
Boris Abdul

Its a cool gear , thanks !

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