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PDF Flip Book – Create Flip Books from PDF documents

PDF Flip Book – Create Flip Books from PDF documents offers conversion services for PDF files to be turned into stunning PDF flip books, making an attractive, easy-to-read publication. Using flip books increases reader retention and decreases publication cost. No one likes to read normal PDF files. The constant scrolling can get annoying, but in order to view an entire page, the text will be too small. In order to make the process of reading long publications online, it is necessary for a company to convert its PDF files to another online publishing medium. One of the most popular methods to which a PDF file can be converted is that of the flip book. YUMPU Publishing offers services that will take any PDF file and turn it into a PDF flip book that can easily be shared on different media networks are read by users. There are a wide variety of different advantages that are able to be gained by converting all PDF files to flip books.

Advantages of Converting PDF File to PDF Flip Book:

Text is Easy to Search
A person is able to take a PDF flip book and then easily search it for the information that is needed. For example, person might be looking for a certain section of a long publication about employee rules in order to look up a specific clause. If that person knows the name of the clause, then he or she can search that phrase. The flip book will automatically go to the page that is needed, saving a great deal of time. If a person doesn’t know the name of the section that contains the clause, but he or she knows what the clause is about, then it is possible to figure out keywords that would appear in the section. Those keywords can then be searched, allowing the person using the flip book to be taken to the section that he or she needs.

No Need to Print the Books
When a company uses flip books as part of their employee handbook, or a government organization publishes a long report regarding the state of the war on drugs or healthcare laws, it is possible to get that information to a large audience without actually spending the money and time to print the books. This is important because printing long documents will cost a great deal of money and time. Most people prefer the book layout because it stops them from having to scroll a great deal in order to see all of the information. Most people also do not want to take the time and money necessary to print out a PDF file. A happy compromise is provided in the form of the flip book, which makes it easy for people to read the information without using copious amounts of paper and ink.

Greater Dissemination
One of the biggest advantages is that flip books are extraordinarily easy to share. Many flip book companies that allow PDF files to be converted will have built in features that allow companies to share information regarding the publication over a wide variety of social media platforms. This will ensure that more people have access to the information provided in the flip books, as well as help increase the number of readers.

Easy Zoom Function
Many people have a hard time reading information that is printed or written up close. PDF Flip books are extremely convenient because they allow people who would ordinarily need reading glasses to read the information without the glasses by zooming in and out of the flip book as needed. It is not nearly as easy to zoom in and out of a PDF file, as a person will usually lose his or her place in the process.

Easy Access to Links and Related Forms
There is also extremely easy ways to get to related forms and links to other websites through the use of hyperlinks, which will connect the reader to the necessary information without him or her ever having to leave the page. For example, if a government form has information about healthcare and wants to refer the reader to the necessary tax information about how healthcare tax credits work, then a link to that information can be provided. This ability to cross reference is another way that flip books converted from PDF files tend to be more efficient and effective.

More Visually Attractive Than PDFs
Although this might seem to be superficial, the number of people who will continue to read a file is greater for those who are reading attractive PDF flip books, rather than those who read unattractive publications. To increase reader retention, it is important for the publication to be as attractive as possible.

Flip books that have been converted from PDF files are excellent for disseminating large publications to a huge audience in a format that is very easy to read. Money is able to be saved because the files do not have to be printed, and users are less frustrated because they do not have to scroll. Visit YUMPU Publishing for more flip book solutions.

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