PDF WordPress Plugin – Get Started

Set up your ePaper Plugin in only 4 Steps

Learn how to install, configurate and use the Plugin

Installation through the WordPress Directory

Recommended setup type. Install the plugin trough the official WordPress directory. The setup is explained step by step in the following slideshow.

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  • Enter "PDF to Web" in the search field.
  • Go to your Wordpress Dashboard. Hover over "Plugins" and then click on "Add new".


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Manual installation

Use this method if the previous path did not work for you. The Plugin first gets uploaded to your server as an archive and is then being installed.

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  • Download the .zip file from the official Plugin site (en.blog.yumpu.com/pdf-wordpress-plugin)
  • Go to your Wordpress Dashboard. Hover over "Plugins" and then click on "Add new".
  • Choose "upload" and then upload the dowloaded .zip file.
  • Enter your FTP credentials.


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Plugin activation

When used for the very first time, the plugin has to be activated with a API Token. In the slidewshow below, you learn how to get your own API Token and how to use it.

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  • Go to Yumpu.com and login.
  • Click on your username and then go to "MY PROFILE"
  • In your profile, click on "Get API Access"
  • Copy your personal API Token for later use. In the picture we have blurred out our API Key for security reasons.
  • Go back to your Wordpress Dashboard and click on the new menu item in the sidebar called E-paper.
  • Click on "here"
  • Paste in your API Token

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Uploading an ePaper

Now you learn how to upload your own PDF’s, so you can later embed them in your website.

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  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on the menu item "E-paper" in the sidebar.
  • Choose the desired PDF and click on "Upload".
  • After a successful upload, you can see your uploaded PDF's in in the list above the upload form.
  • In this list you can also see the status of your PDF. The status tells you, if your plugin is still being proccessed by Yumpu or is already finished and ready to use.

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Embed ePaper

Learn how to embed your uploaded PDF’s in your website.

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  • When creating a new post or page, you can now see the Yumpu logo in the visual editor. Click it.
  • Now you can either upload a new PDF and insert in the post or you can choose an exisitng PDF. In that case click on "Insert existing PDF".
  • Here you see a list of your existing PDF's. Click on "Insert Shortcode" to add them to your post.
  • Once added, your ePaper is included with a shortcode, similar to the one you see here. Inside the shortcode you can edit the width and height of your magazine in pixel.


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