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Online Catalog Creator for Free – Success in a few minutes

Online Catalog Creator for Free – Success in a few minutes

You would like to create an online catalog that has a better arrangement of products or photos and has super quality. Also, an online catalog is a nice addition to an existing digital marketing strategy and takes the marketing strategy to the next level. Because maybe the existing online marketing strategies haven’t brought the desired profits or there is too much focus on updating Facebook or a blog site when actually trying to sell the online product. In fact, in just a few minutes, you can create an impressive online catalog that customers will love. The online catalog creator YUMPU Publishing is a good place to start. The creation process is very simple. You don’t need a technical background or knowledge of HTML programming to create a great eCatalog. All you have to do is, use the simple online PDF catalog maker YUMPU Publishing.

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Customize Your Online Catalog To Reflect Changes In Business

Online catalogs are easily changeable and shareable on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and more. Unlike print publications, an online product catalog can be updated at any time. Whether you want to get out a product or feature a new product line, all you have to do is edit the existing PDF file saved on your computer.

You do not have to deal with a printing company to add edits to your print publication. You also do not have to absorb tremendous costs to make changes in a print publication. The good thing about it is that you can also protect the environment. No printing costs and no paper are needed which means less water is used. The production of a sheet of paper (made of wood) in DIN A4 format uses about 10 liters of water (1 sheet!). And the natural environment of the animals is also preserved and there is less waste paper.

A free online catalog creator gives you the freedom to change your product line at any time. Your customers can also stay updated on changes in your company’s product line.

Best Flip PDF Catalog Software For Your Product

The existing PDF document containing graphics and descriptions of all your products can be easily uploaded as a PDF file. All you have to do is register for free on YUMPU Publishing and then upload the PDF. With the adFREE plan, you can even make your catalog interactive and set links to your shop or website.

Here are some of the reasons why an online catalog is a solution to sell more products and improve digital marketing strategy. One can no longer afford to miss out on the value that the online catalog adds to the business.

The FREE-plan includes the following:

  • Free but you can only upload 3 magazines in total (as long as you have the FREE plan)

  • Optimized social sharing function (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

  • Publish documents worldwide

  • Worldwide availability within minutes

  • Integration into websites and blogs

  • Optimized for all mobile devices

  • Publish in 70 languages

  • Flippable effect

  • Presentation in HTML5

  • Optimized for search engines

But the adFREE plan is better because here you can get a lot more out of your online catalog. This offers that you can upload 5 catalogs per day, there is no advertising in the catalogs, and you can create an individual QR code that goes directly to the respective page in the catalog. You can also integrate your online catalog on websites and blogs without advertising and of course, you can make your catalog more interactive with links, videos, and audio files. And if you want to know how many readers were on the catalog and how long they were on which page, you can use the Google Analytics integration to see this.

Improve Your Company’s SEO Strategy

A digital catalog software can also help improve your business sales in other ways. By uploading an online product catalog software on your website, you can improve the ranking of your company website. Search engines pick up on the keywords that are featured in online catalogs. An online brochure can be an alternative method of effectively improving your SEO strategy instead of blog posts or website content.

Display Thousands Of Your Items

If you use an online catalog to promote your products, you can embed and display links to your products on the pages at the same time.

The PDF document is compressed and optimized in Google-compatible content so that the online catalog is broken up into individual pages and indexed individually. Search engines can more easily crawl and render the PDF file as an HTML file (HTML is more stable). So it’s not that big anymore and ranks higher in search engines, which in turn leads to more traffic, reach, and customer views.

So you don’t have to worry about complying with file size restrictions. All your PDF files will be compressed, allowing you to include many images in one catalog. In this way, you can offer your customers the variety of choices they deserve and possibly also increase sales.

Customers Love The Attractive Look

YUMPU Publishing offers you beautiful and attractive catalogs with an amazing page turning effect. The catalogs feature page turning technology that offers a realistic experience for your customers.

Online catalog maker is an efficient way for you to create cost-effective catalogs. You no longer need to outsource your catalog creation or hire a printer. The Catalog Maker helps you reduce costs and ultimately improve your company’s profitability.

Use this PDF Converter

Being consistently competitive is always a challenge for all publishers and writers in the publishing industry. For example, one is always trying to keep up with the latest methods to efficiently send publications directly to keen readers over the internet. However, one does not have the time to realize this goal, especially when one is inundated with projects.

A lot of PDF to catalog software is expensive, but with YUMPU Publishing you can easily and quickly convert a PDF file into a free electronic catalog builder.

Creating My PDF Catalog Was A Piece Of Cake

YUMPU Publishing is a free service that is very convenient and easy to use. Getting started takes just a few clicks and takes less than two minutes.

After registering, I can easily upload my file and create my PDF catalog directly.

It didn’t require any special training or knowledge of catalog software, which is a great relief. You simply have to drag or select the selected PDF document from your own hard drive into the software. After this step, the PDF file is automatically converted to the appropriate HTML format.

To make it easier to find in Google and other search engines, you should add a title, description, language, category, and tags to the scrollable catalog.

All the options you need are present in a user-friendly interface so you can create your PDF catalog in super-high-resolution quality.

This Solution Saved Me Publication Troubles

If you have the goal of creating an online catalog or a PDF product catalog, then it is definitely worth testing and using the YUMPU publishing software.

Above all, by using the software you can ensure that fewer leaves are produced, which in turn protects the environment and protects the natural space of animals. You can also save a lot of money by using it in the company by being independent of suppliers and saving on printing costs.

The software also offers a faster and easier way to distribute the online catalog via email, social media, and websites. Try the great online catalog maker now and save costs, protect the environment and reach a lot of readers quickly and easily.


Hi, i just want to try and make some enjoying catalogue


I’ve just uploaded my catalog into my webshop and I can’t believe how good it converts. My customers love it. They can flip through the catalog like the would read a real one. This is just amazing.

 Belinda Reiler
Belinda Reiler

Hi Jim, thanks for your comment. We have some great new features in the pipeline. They will blow your mind! Best regards Belinda


Best free online catalog creator I’ve used. Believe me, I’ve tried them all! Thanks, Caroline


Can I include product videos from youtube into my catalog?

 Belinda Reiler
Belinda Reiler

@Venga23, Yes, you can embed videos from youtube with ease. Regards, Belinda

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